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  • Product Manufacturer's Warranty: Natural Energy Works meters and devices carry a manufacturer's warranty against defects of materials and workmanship, excluding abuse or misuse or breakage of parts by the purchaser, for a period of one year, starting from the date of purchase. They are guaranteed to function as described. See the specific detail information on the meter/device ordering pages. If a meter or device stops working due to a material or manufacturing defect within one year of purchase, it must be returned to the manufacturer at a different address for repair or replacement with one of equal quality and without charge. However, you must contact us in advance for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), as sometimes a simple fix can be made at the buyer's location. Do not attempt to repair a malfunctioning meter or device, as this will void the warranty. Call us firstly, then be prepared to re-pack the item carefully for possible rough handling during shipment, and to ship it with full insurance, by a secure and traceable method. If you have broken an item, or if it is out of warranty, contact us for the RMA and a repair estimate.

    Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact Natural Energy Works within 10 business days of the receipt of the product for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). If you return an item unopened in the original box, we will refund based on your original method of payment (a restocking inventory fee may be charged, see below). Items which have been used, marked, soiled, scratched or broken cannot be returned for refund. Product must be shipped back to our warehouse within 10 business days of the issuance of an RMA. All products must be packed in the original and unmarked packaging including any accessories, manuals, documentation and registration that shipped with the product. Shipping charges, from and return to our offices, and any bank wire fees are not refundable.

    Exceptions on Warranty and Returns Policy: Some of our items are "consumables" for which no returns or refunds are possible after opening or usage. These are the smoked salmon, soaps and shampoos. Nor are previously installed smoke detectors. Blankets which have been soiled, roughed up, washed or dry-cleaned are non-returnable. Meters are returnable and refundable only within the first ten days after delivery, and breakage must be reported within that time period also. Books also may not be returned if they have been subjected to wear from obvious opening and reading -- as with bent covers or broken backs. DVDs are considered "non-returnable" unless malfunctioning, and in which case you should inform us within the first week after receipt. Please take care with any items you think you may want to return.

    Restocking Inventory Fee: Due to the charges we incur from banks, credit cards, PayPal, currency exchanges and other factors involved in processing of orders (and which are not refundable to us) we must charge an 10% restocking fee for all returned and refunded items. On some occasions, this fee can be reduced or waived.

    If you are uncertain about a purchase, please contact us for clarifications and with your questions before you purchase.

    Delayed or Missing Shipments: If your package is delayed, we can usually provide a tracking number as provided by the shipper, depending upon how you selected to have it shipped. In case of a missing package, we can file for a shipper's inquiry and/or insurance. For high-value and international shipments, we will automatically provide you with the shipper's tracking number information. Please firstly check with the shipper to inquire as to the status, and then contact us if you do not obtain satisfactory information. Here are the pertinent internet tracking webpages:
    For USPS: http://www.usps.com/shipping/trackandconfirm.htm
    For UPS: http://www.ups.com/WebTracking/track?loc=en_US

    International Customers: Please also review the notations on International Orders as give above in the blue box.

    Items Damaged in Shipping: If your package arrives in damaged condition, please open it in front of the Postal Clerk or UPS shipping agent and assess for damage to the items inside. In such a case you must firstly present to them the original shipping container and packing, and the damaged item(s), following their instructions, and then contact us afterward. In the event of shipping damages, lost or undelivered items and insurance claims, replacement or refund cannot occur until the shipper gives approval of the insurance-claim process, or until the shipped item is returned to us.

    Shipping Insurance Claims: We will always insure our products at their original price. If a parcel is lost, stolen, or otherwise not delivered, or is damaged in transit by US Post Office, or by the Postal Authority in your home nation (for foreign purchases), or by whatever shipper is used, we will file an insurance claim. In most cases, no refund or replacement can occur until the insurance claim is approved and paid, however. Please note there is a 30-day limitation by the US Post Office and other shippers for filing of any insurance claims for loss or non-delivery. We will send you a tracking number and website for tracking your shipment, shortly after shipping, but it is your responsibility to monitor the delivery and let us know if the package has not arrived within a few weeks after having been shipped, so we could make a claim on your behalf. You should also contact your local postal authority, providing them with the tracking number, asking for a formal search procedure. Insurance refunds or replacements are processed only after the various tracking-search and insurance claims have fully run their course, and we have received a final clearance from the shipper for the insurance. In some cases, this process may take many months. If an item is returned to us by the shipper as unclaimed or undeliverable, we will contact you for re-shipment, but must charge you again for the shipping costs.

    Disclaimer: Neither Natural Energy Works nor the manufacturers of our products are responsible for any claims arising from misuse or loss-of-use of our devices and products, or in the event of a malfunctioning meter, or delays encountered in shipping and delivery of our products. Our Warranty is limited solely to replacement and repair of any meters or devices which may malfunction, within the limitations given above.

    If you have any questions, please contact us. Our products only very rarely malfunction or have manufacturing flaws requiring attention, and the shipping methods we use are the best available. In the overwhelming majority of cases, these warranty and return problems never become an issue!

    Thank you very much.

    From the Staff at Natural Energy Works!

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    Mail-Order Service for the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
    PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA
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