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* FURY ON EARTH: A Biography of Wilhelm Reich, by MYRON SHARAF. A penetrating, fact-filled & definitive biography of Reich, illuminating the man's greatness & genius. Traces Reich from his early psychoanalytic, Marxist & anti-fascist periods in Vienna &Berlin, his sex-economic & later orgone biophysical discoveries in Scandinavia & the USA. Masterful, emotion-stirring. 550 pp.
$ 19.95 - Softcover Special Price

* HERETIC'S NOTEBOOK: Emotions, Protocells, Ether-Drift and Cosmic Life Energy, with New Research Supporting Wilhelm Reich (Pulse of the Planet #5) Edited by James DeMeo. A compendium of 30 essays and research articles by 17 different authors on various aspects of Reich's discoveries. 272 pp. Click here for more details, a full Table of Contents and larger cover image.
$23.95 Softcover

* ON WILHELM REICH AND ORGONOMY (Pulse of the Planet #4) Edited by James DeMeo. Contains: The Bioelectrical Experiments of Wilhelm Reich: A compendium of over 18 essays and research articles by 13 different authors, including three milestone articles by Wilhelm Reich, plus various book reviews and short scientific notes and reports. 176 pp. Click here for more details, a full Table of Contents and larger cover image.
$14.95 Special Price Softcover

* WILHELM REICH AND THE COLD WAR: The True Story of How a Communist Spy Team, Government Hoodlums and Sick Psychiatrists Destroyed Sexual Science and Cosmic Life Energy Discoveries, by James Edward Martin. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), his colleagues, and his antagonists, are among the most influential groups of people of the 20th century. As a part of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic movement in Vienna, Reich is hailed as an innovator. His later work in the United States brought him to an ignominious end when he died in federal prison. Author and researcher James Edward Martin took up the subject of the controversial psychoanalytic pioneer and natural scientist, expecting to disprove Reich's suspicions that his detractors were predominantly communists and even Soviet spies. This led the author to dusty university archives across the United States and Europe, and to interview Reich's associates and relatives. He also made Freedom of Information Act searches of FDA, FBI and CIA files, investigating not only their files on Reich, but also of his major detractors. In this book, you'll meet Karl Frank, the leader of an underground anti-Nazi group of Germans, calling themselves "New Beginning." Frank was a friend of Reich's in Vienna in the 20s; he later worked for Allen Dulles' intelligence agency Office of Strategic Services. It was Karl Frank who confirmed to Reich that Mildred Edie Brady, the instigator of the FDA's persecution of Reich, was indeed a fully committed Soviet agent. You'll listen in on conversations with Michael Straight, who was the publisher of Mildred Brady's article in "The New Republic" magazine. You'll hear his explanation of his tangled past involvement with a notorious den of Soviet moles, the Cambridge Five spy ring that included Anthony Blunt, Kim Philby, Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess. You'll learn how Stalin's agents used Reich's own techniques of character analysis in a perverted way, in order to find psychological hooks into the minds of innocent people, conforming them to the red thread of conspiracy. You'll see what Mildred Brady, a cheerleader for the Emotional Plague, did to her own daughter. You'll travel to Arizona, and visit the places where Reich conducted his atmospheric medicine, under the noses of officials in the government's weather modification center, the Institute of Atmospheric Physics. You'll join Albert Einstein at Princeton as he tests Reich's discoveries, confirms them experimentally but not pursuing them. You'll meet the famed Dr. James E. McDonald and his colleagues at the University of Arizona, about McDonald's groundbreaking work on weather modification and UFO research - he was one of the first mainstream scientists to blow the whistle on a government cover-up. Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War is exceptionally well documented with numerous citations, in a fully indexed edition including an Appendix with newly uncovered documents from FDA and FBI files, damning Reich's persecutors. 420 pp.
$ 27.95 Softcover

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-Year's War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against
One of the 20th Century's Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

by James DeMeo, PhD

From the Introduction: Dr. Wilhelm Reich is the man whom nearly everyone loves to hate. No other figure in 20th Century science and medicine could be named who has been so badly maligned in popular media, scientific and medical circles, nor so shabbily mistreated by power-drunk federal agencies and arrogant judges.
      Publicly denounced and slandered in both Europe and America by Nazis, Communists and psychoanalysts, placed on both Hitler's and Stalin's death lists but narrowly escaping to the USA, subjected to new public slanders and attacks by American journalists and psychiatrists who deliberately lied and provoked an "investigation" by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), imprisoned by American courts which ignored his legal writs and pleas about prosecutorial and FDA fraud, denied appeals all the way up to the US Supreme Court, which rubber-stamped the FDA's demands for the banning and burning of his scientific books and research journals, and finally dying alone in prison -- who was this man, Wilhelm Reich, and why today, some 50 years after his death, does he continue to stir up such emotional antipathy? It is a literal 80-Years' War of continuing misrepresentation, slander and defamation.
      Who were and are Reich's attackers? And what stands behind their obsession to utterly rid the world of him, and of his work? What are the facts regarding Reich's social-sexual theories and his experimental work on the orgone energy, or life-energy? Author and Natural Scientist James DeMeo takes on the book-burners, exposing with clarity and documentation their many slanderous fabrications, half-truths and lies of omission. In so doing, he also summarizes the lesser-known facts about Reich's important clinical and life-energetic experimental findings, now verified by scientists and physicians worldwide, and holding great promise for the future.
Perfectbound, 279 pages Price: $26.95

* PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS OF CHANGES IN KANSAS WEATHER COINCIDENTAL TO EXPERIMENTAL OPERATIONS WITH A REICH CLOUDBUSTER, by James DeMeo. This is a work of historical significance, an experimental study reproducing parts of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich's controversial atmospheric research, specifically the technique of Cosmic Orgone Engineering ("cloudbusting"). This study took place in the late 1970s at the University of Kansas, Geography-Meteorology Department, as part of the author's graduate-level research, showing changes in cloud cover and rainfall across the state of Kansas as the apparatus was operated. Reich's original findings had been dismissed as "impossible" by the scientific community of his day, stirring up such outrage that his writings were literally "banned and burned" by Federal bureaucrats, who also threw Reich into prison on fabricated charges, where he died in 1957. This particular study was the first university-level investigation into the most extreme of Reich's claims - of an atmospheric energy which could be affected by his cloudbuster invention to bring rains over widespread areas, even during droughts or in deserts. The study was peer-reviewed by senior climatologists and meteorologists in the Department, and verified Reich's claims. This republication of that original study also includes a major separate work as an Appendix, "Evidence for the Existence of a Principle of Atmospheric Continuity", which makes the argument for a renewed examination of the old cosmic-ether of space, as a parallel concept to Reich's orgone energy discovery. It also reviews similar inexplicable long-distance energetic phenomenon in the natural world which require a similar mechanism, such as solar-terrestrial phenomenon. 183 pages.
$ 39.95 Hardcover NEW EDITION.

Note: The above title is not a "how to do" book, and does not contain construction plans or instructions on use. For a discussion on that subject, see the article
"So You Want to Build A Cloudbuster".

* METHODS AND PROCEDURES IN BIOPHYSICAL ORGONOMETRY, by Roberto Maglione. This book consists of five chapters summarizing the orgone energy experiments of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, branching off into more recent findings and verification studies by his many students and other serious scientific investigators. The work covers the thermal, electroscopical, atomic, hygrometric, and gravimetric aspects and properties of the energetic medium which Reich discovered, and which today is being identified and decisively confirmed by astrophysics in the context of various spatial mediums such as "dark matter", "neutrino sea", "cosmic ether", "intergalactic medium", "cosmic plasma" and so on. The author presents the basics of orgonometry, concerning characteristics and peculiarities of the orgone energy and orgone energy accumulator. A closing chapter on the quantitative evaluation of orgone energy potentials completes the book. This is a scientific work addressed to all who want a good detailed introduction to the theoretical and experimental foundations of biophysical orgonometry, as developed by the author from the works of Reich, from his own experiments, and from other contemporary scientific investigators. It is sufficiently detailed also for those already acquainted with Reich and Orgonomy, who want to deepen their knowledge in the field. It is an excellent addition to the scientific literature, and one of a very few texts in the post-Reich era which details and advances the empirical natural science Reich brought into the world, but which was -- similar to other great discoveries in the history of science -- destroyed by media and academic attacks, ridicule, book-burning and "official" murder.Comprehensive with numerous B&W and color illustrations, and full citation-lists. 234+ pp. Imported
$53.00 Softcover

* WILHELM REICH AND THE HEALING OF ATMOSPHERES: Modern Techniques for the Abatement of Desertification, by Roberto Maglione. Translated from the original Italian, with a Foreword by James DeMeo. A scientific overview of Reich's discovery and applications of Cosmic Orgone Engineering, or "cloudbusting" as it is more popularly known. Covers Reich's experiments, and those of his associates and followers: Richard Blasband, Jerome Eden, and James DeMeo, among others. Experiments in the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, all with positive results supportive of Reich's original claims. Comprehensive with numerous photos, diagrams, graphs and full citation-lists. 121 pp.
$38.95 Softcover

Note: The above title is not a "how to do" book, and does not contain construction plans or instructions on use. For a discussion on that subject, see the article
"So You Want to Build A Cloudbuster".

Contains various articles on Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy.
Five different issues have been published.
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* UNUSUAL LONG-DISTANCE ATMOSPHERIC AND GEOPHYSICAL EFFECTS FROM UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR BOMB TESTS AND NUCLEAR POWER PLANT ACCIDENTS: Suppressed Scientific Evidence Reprints of scholarly articles and reports from back issues of Pulse of the Planet journal addressing this important issue. An essential tool for anyone concerned about nuclear issues. 40 pp.
$4.95 PDF download. A download link will be sent to you after purchase.

* DER GESUNDHEITSBEGRIFF IM WERK DES ARZTES WILHELM REICH (1897 - 1957), by Stefan Mueschenich. A German-language publication (English translation of title: "The Concept of Health from the Work of the Physician Wilhelm Reich") originally a medical dissertation, the author discusses Reich's clinical research findings, and his larger concepts of genitality and life energy as a foundation for mental and physical health. He surveys the published literature by Reich and his many advocates and followers, addressing their findings and contrasting to what is known or unknown from the view of classical medicine. The author is a practicing physician-psychiatrist in Germany. Imported. 428 pp.
$ 39.95 Softcover

* WILHELM REICH: Psychoanalyst and Radical Naturalist, by Robert Corrington. The author is a professor of philosophical theology, and gives his discourse and personal interpretation of Reich's work, with a critique and embrace of Reich's merger of psychoanalysis with "nonorthodox Marxism". Billed inaccurately as "the first thorough reconsideration of the great and maligned psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich's life and work since Reich's death in 1957" -- which is flaty untrue -- the book nevertheless gives praise to Reich as a grand theoretician and thinker of the 20th Century, even while giving scant attention to the experimental science behind his ideas. This is one of the major complaints about this work, its failure to address and cite any of the abundant serious and scholarly scientific validating studies of Reich's biophysical medical, microbiological and orgone energy research -- which was the foundation for his larger theoretical views. In our opinion, the Sharaf biography of Reich (see above) is a better and more fact-filled discussion of his life and work, but this one does have many excellent photos of Reich not found elsewhere. And if you are into Freud and Marx, and primarily embrace Reich's early work, this book will also be of value to you. Otherwise, consult the works above for more serious discussions which follow Reich into his orgonomic science. 297 pp.
$16.95 Hardcover

* EMOTIONAL ARMORING: An Introduction to Psychiatric Orgone Therapy, by Morton Herskowitz. One of the most clarifying and emotionally-touching publications ever to discuss Wilhelm Reich's method of orgone therapy. Herskowitz trained with Reich and retains a feeling for this difficult work rare among even the orgonomists. Chapters cover the theory and practical side of therapy, with case histories and personal anecdotes about both the author and Reich. An excellent book for anyone with interests in, or considering to undertake orgone therapy. 171 pp. Special Import.
$ 24.95 Softcover Special Import, **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US, TRY AMAZON ===>

* HEILEN MIT ORGONENERGIE: Die Medizinische Orgonomie, by Jorgos Kavouras. A German-language publication (English translation of title: "Healing with Orgone Energy: Medical Orgonomy"), the author discusses his many years of clinical work experience in treating a host of physical illness with the Reich orgone accumulator, at his rural medical practice and clinic in Germany. Covers Reich's discoveries, the orgone accumulator, the medical dor-buster, psychiatric orgone therapy, orgonomy in modern medicine. Imported. 271 pp.

* IN THE WAKE OF REICH, edited by DAVID BOADELLA. A collection of articles, including some by former associates of Reich: Walter Hoppe, Ola Raknes, Nic Waal, Alexander Lowen, & Myron Sharaf. 424 pp.

* ME AND THE ORGONE: One Guy's Search for the Meaning Of It All, by Orson Bean. After spending ten years and thousands of dollars for psychoanalysis, actor Orson Bean was divorced, depressed and dissatisfied with life. Then he discovered the orgone therapy methods of Wilhelm Reich, which centers on the concept that sensual sexual feelings must be integrated with tender feelings of love for an individual to achieve complete sexual satisfaction. One must be free of emotional and physical blocks to experience such feelings. Here, Bean gives a candid and personal account of his experiences, his personal sexual revolution, and how this led him to feeling freer and more alive. A moving account for those interested in the personal side of Reich's transformative therapy method. 123 pp.

* MAN IN THE TRAP: The Causes of Blocked Sexual Energy, by Elsworth F. Baker. This classic book offers a deep understanding of the core concepts of Wilhelm Reich's university life energy and its importance to health. Dr. Baker illustrates techniques for dissolution of chronic body armor, which resulted in dramatic transformations for many of his patients. For mankind, caged in his own armor and prevented from feeling truly alive, Baker helps to plot a course out of the trap. A more clinical discussion than the above work by Herskowitz, Baker also fleshes out his theories on the political character. 354 pp.

* EVA REICH'S BUTTERFLY TOUCH MASSAGE (BOOK): A Gentle Technique for Babies, Children and Adults, by Richard Overly. Discusses, in step-by-step instructional manner, a gentle technique for babies, children and adults. Promotes nurturing and healing for all ages, and bonding between baby and parent. A powerful and pioneering massage therapy technique, this gentle, non-invasive technique is described in detail, and can be used by any parent with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. This breakthrough touch can help you bond with your newborn, or improve the vitality of your child, or every adult in your household. Illustrated 60 pp.

* EVA REICH'S BUTTERFLY TOUCH MASSAGE (DVD): A Gentle Technique for Babies, Children and Adults, by Richard Overly. Provides introduction, development and easy to follow, step by step instructions for this pioneering non-invasive massage therapy, originally developed by W. Reich's daughter, Dr. Eva Reich. This breakthrough technique can help you bond with your newborn and improve the vitality of all children and adults in your household. Includes teaching demonstrations for adult, child and baby massage. A companion item to the book of the same title (see above), and stand-alone instructional DVD for Eva Reich's Butterfly Touch method, as presented by Overly.

* ORGONOMIC FIRST-AID FOR MOTHERS AND INFANTS, by EVA REICH. Transcription of a wide-ranging 1986 lecture presented to the American College of Orgonomy, at a conference on Staten Island, NY. She talks about her early work with her father, Wilhelm Reich, and also her work with premature babies which led to the development of her gentle baby massage. She also discusses working with pregnant women, their emotional feelings and the assistance they may need after birth, particularly with depression and "unsettled" babies. Many innovative ideas. 30 pp.
Now contained in Pulse of the Planet #5: Heretic's Notebook
No longer available as a separate publication.

* GENTLE BIO-ENERGETICS: Theory & Tools for Everyone, by Richard Overly. With a Foreword by Dr. Eva Reich, developer of Gentle Bio-Energetics. Discusses practical methods for restoring the natural flow of life energy, to enhance personal growth and healing. Specific methods are discussed and diagrams given to apply gentle massage-type bioenergetic methods for: mothers needing help in bonding with their babies; babies in distress from birth trauma; athletes recovering from injuries; abused individuals; recovering addicts; GI tract complications; and simple stress relief. Expanded and Revised Edition. 304 pp.

* WILHELM REICH IN HELL, by ROBERT ANTON WILSON A provocative, darkly humorous and insightful play portraying a trial of Reich by characters representing various aspects of social pathology.

* LIFE ENERGY READING (PAUNCH 67-68): Wilhelm Reich and Literature, by Arthur Efron. A series of essays focused upon Reichian and life-energetic themes, from the journal "Pauch". Discusses the works of writers and philosophers such as D.H. Lawrence, Hawthorne, Whitman, Blake, Bronte, Marquez, Lacan, Foucault, and many others, on how they emphasized or evaded the central role of sexuality and sex-repression in their writings, and the perception of life-energetic functions in nature and organism. Heavily cited, with much food for thought. 217 pp.

* BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF TIME by Jacob Meyerowitz. A challenging development of Reich's method of thought, called orgonomic functionalism. The author uses the technique of orgonometry to explore concepts such as time and length, dialectics, and even art. Introduces the logic of functions to critical thinking. 336 pp.

* BASIC ORGONOMETRY: WILHELM REICH'S ABSTRACT TECHNIQUE FOR COMPREHENSIVE THINKING by Jacob Meyerowitz. A basic summary of and introduction to REich's functional method of logic and mathematics. 32 pp.

* AND A LITTLE CHILD, Stories of Anyone, by PATRICIA MEYEROWITZ. A very compelling monologue chronicling the abuse of "normal" parenting methods every one endures in infancy, childhood and adolescence. Presented in a dramatic prose form, it evokes memories of forgotten feelings and brings us quickly back to understanding the confusion and pain of children and what must be allowed in order to alleviate it. 50 pp.

* INTERVIEW WITH MYRON SHARAF, Ph.D., Author of FURY ON EARTH: A BIOGRAPHY OF WILHELM REICH Conducted by Jim Martin. The late Myron Sharaf discusses Reich's continuing influence on therapeutic techniques, his speculations on UFOs, the conspiracy against his work, and the legal difficulties which led to Reich's imprisonment. 60 min. 1/2" VHS.

* IN CONVERSATION WITH DR. EVA REICH A candid and intimate discussion of Wilhelm Reich's final years, by his daughter and close co-worker. Covers orgone energy, UFO sightings, cloudbustng, & scientific/legal persecution. 60 min. 1/2" VHS
$35.00 Videotape **OUT OF PRINT-PRODUCTION.

* FREUD'S FREE CLINICS: Psychoanalysis and Social Justice, 1918-1938, by Elizabeth Ann Danto. While this book was originally characerized here as "a carefully researched and highly readable book on the free psychoanalytic clinics in Vienna, Berlin and elsewhere in which Wilhelm Reich played a central role," upon second examination we have decided to drop the title from our listing, given some blatently false and misleading statements regarding Reich which we missed on the first review. On page 223-224, for example, after mentioning without clarification how Reich made (unidentified) "people feel somewhat uncomfortable, for his orgone accumulators and rain-making machines..." it states Reich "lost his mind to politics and incipient schizophrenia sometime around 1930." While author Danto inserts a moderating statement on that same page, that Reich "did not lose his mind" when speaking of his marriage with Annie Pink, who remained a leading figure in mainstream psychoanalysis, this correction is too ambiguous to constitute a retraction of the author's smear against Reich's name and reputation from the incautiously repeated malicious rumor. By comparison, discussions in the book about Carl Jung, who factually was a Jew-hater and became a Nazi sympathizer, never say Jung "went crazy", even though Jung's open and voluntary associations with Nazism so late into the Third Reich was surely a far more serious sign of mental imbalance than to investigate bio-energy or work with an orgone accumulator, as Reich did. Anyone who bothers to read the other books we offer for sale at this website will quickly learn, the discovery of the orgone energy is a scientific issue supported by a lot of confirming experimental work, and cannot be brushed aside as "evidence of madness" anymore than modern astronomy's discussions on the no-less mysterious "dark matter" are "madness" on the part of astronomers. But Reich, whom everyone in mainstream psychoanalysis loves to hate, and against whom generations of professional "skeptics" have hurled every kind of bad opinion without even a shred of evidence, is openly tarred as having "lost his mind", a "schizophrenic". Later on page 270, author Danto quotes another malicious rumor about Reich from Anna Freud, reinforcing all the above, where she basically calls Reich dishonest and insane. No evidence has ever been offered by Anna Freud or any of the psychoanalysts, nor by author Danto, to support these slanders. And Danto does not point out that no evidence exists to support such rumors. The statements by Anna Freud -- a woman whose biography suggests was a lesbian who never had a decent sexual relationship with a man -- are simply quoted, and left standing as if they were "truth". In the end, Reich proved correct about psychoanalysis, about the Nazis and communists (as equally pathological), about how psychoanalysis succumbed to appeasement ideology, and also about the orgone energy and even the "rain-making machines". In our initial review of this book, we relied upon a recommendation, and personally reviewed only the first parts of the book. It does contain a lot of material about the early period of the Sex-Pol movement in pre-Hitler Germany and Vienna. But given these terrible distortions about Reich, we no longer recommend it, nor sell it, as such outright distortions on such a leading figure in the German Sex-Pol (Wilhelm Reich) cast doubt upon the validity of her other historical discussions. For a counter, the reader is referenced to Reich's own books, particularly People in Trouble, The Sexual Revolution, Reich Speaks of Freud, and Mass Psychology of Fascism. Those titles, along with Reich's personal diaries which are now published, give a very good historical discussion of the times and events.

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