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Anthropology, Peaceful Societies,
Matriarchy, Archaeology,
Pre-Columbian Contact Theory,
Pre-20th Century History

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Also see the extensive collection of additional books detailing the history of Islam
and religious mysticism, in the "Saharasia Today" section.


* THE SEXUAL LIFE OF SAVAGES, by Bronislaw Malinowski. A classic anthropological study of the daily life, childrearing, adolescent behavior (including children's democracies) and sexual life of the natives of the Trobriand Islands (c. 1900). A non-violent, sex-affirmative Melanesian people, the Trobriand people were genuinely social, happy, and emotionally healthy, in stark contrast to "civilized" groups. A direct refutation of Freud's theories on the universality of the Oedipus complex, childhood latency, and the necessity of sexual repression to maintain a stable and civil society. 506 pp.
$ 4.95 - PDF of original First Edition. After purchase we will send you the download link.

* THE MURIA AND THEIR GHOTUL, by Verrier Elwin. Anthropological study of the Muria peoples of central India: includes their daily life, sexual behavior, childrearing, adolescent behavior and describes their ghotul, the institution of sex-positive children's dormitories and democracies. A non-violent, sex-affirmative culture described by Elwin as the most social and psychologically healthy people he had ever seen. With many photos. 730 pp.
$ 4.95 PDF Download. After purchase we will send you the download link. Original hardbound available from Amazon ==>>>


NOW SHIPPING THE REVISED 2006 SECOND EDITION, over 464 pages with new Preface and Appendix "Update on Saharasia".

Dr. DeMeo's Magnum Opus on the ancient historical origins of human armoring, social violence and war: the first geographical, cross-cultural study of human behavior around the world using Wilhelm Reich's sex-economic discoveries as a basic starting point, and presenting world maps of different social institutions. Source-regions and migratory diffusion patterns were traced, back in time, to pinpoint where and how the human tragedy began. A breakthrough in the scientific study of human psychology and anthropology, and must-reading for every parent, student, professor and clinical worker in the field of human health and behavior. Separate chapter sections on: function of the orgasm, birth trauma in modern hispitals, sexual and physical abuse of children, A.S. Neill's Summerhill School, the mass psychology of fascism, infant cranial deformation and swaddling, breastfeeding and denial of the breast, male and female genital mutilations, premarital sex taboos, vaginal blood taboos, arranged marriage systems, contraceptive plants used by native peoples, the incest taboo, post-partum sexual taboos, homosexuality, prostitution, inheritance rules, ritual widow murder (mother murder), the high god and goddess religions, class stratification, castes and slavery, and the effects of starvation trauma on human emotion and sexuality, with a broad overview of climate changes leading to drought and desert formation over more than 6000 years of human history. Over 464 pages with over 100 maps, photos, and illustrations, with full bibliography, citations and comprehensive index. Saharasia: A controversial "Marriage of Heresies" over 10 years in the making, will change forever your way of looking at the world, your home culture, and current events. The revolutionary discovery of a geographical, climate-linked basis to human behavior. The first global cross-cultural anthropological, archaeological and historical survey of human family and social institutions. If you want to get a better understanding of "WHY" there is so much conflict in world history, and terrorism coming from the Middle East specifically, this is the book you are looking for.
SAHARASIA: Softcover 2006 Revised Second Edition.

Price: $34.

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* THE CHALICE AND THE BLADE: Our History, Our Future, by Riane Eisler. The legacy of the feminine. Author Eisler tells a new story of Our cultural origins. Focusing upon Maria Gimbutas' findings of an early peaceful period in pre-Kurgan Europe and studies of Minoan society, Eisler argues that warfare and the war of the sexes are neither divinely nor biologically ordained, arguing for a more peaceful and cooperative type of partnership society as opposed to the dominator society more typically found. Parallels in many ways the findings of DeMeo in Saharasia regarding peaceful unarmored Matrist versus armored violent Patrist societies. 272 pp.
$ 18.95 Softcover - One Copy remaining

* SOCIETIES OF PEACE: Matriarchies Past Present and Future, Edited by Heide Gottner-Abendroth. A compilation of scholarly papers from the First and Second World Congresses on Matriarchal Societies. A wealth of insightful work from leading scholars investigating the roots of an earlier historical phase of human social development, before the rise and spread of various Empire cultures of patriarchal authoritarianism and violence. 450 pp.

* LEAVING MOTHER LAKE: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World, by Yang Erche Namu & Christine Mathieu. The touching story of Namu, a girl of the peaceful sex-positive Mosuo culture, hidden away in the mountains of Southwest China. Her story of place and culture, growing up and her talent for singing which eventually brings her to leave "Mother Lake" Lugu, and travel through other parts of patriarchal authoritarian China, and eventually into Europe and America. Wonderful insight into the sex-positive Mosuo culture, where women have a very high status, and select their own lovers from an early age onward, where marriage as we know it does not exist, and men are more closely economically and socially bonded to their maternal family. Another powerful validation of Reich's sex-economy and DeMeo's Saharasia, where men are "honored guests" but not dominant in the homes of their lovers, where peaceful social conditions are founded upon a bedrock of gentle childrearing and a genuinely free and self-regulated adolescent and adult sexuality. 294 pp.

* THE FALL: Evidence for a Golden Age, 6000 Years of Insanity, and the Dawning of a New Era, by Steve Taylor. It is not natural for human beings to kill each other, for men to oppress women, for individuals to accumulate massive wealth and power, or to abuse nature. The roots of our current malaise lie in an "ego explosion" which occurred several thousand years ago. Drawing upon James DeMeo's Saharasia and numerous other sources, author Taylor argues for a change in social structure back to more peaceful times. While navigating his own path and theory through numerous social controversies, and often (in our view) overly glamorizing subsistence-level cultures which may not deserve classification as an authentically "peaceful society", he argues powerfully for the existence of the early peaceful period in human prehistory, bringing new evidence to bear on the question. 336 pp.
$ 24.95 Softcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> -->>

* ANCIENT GODDESSES: The Myths and the Evidence, Edited by Lucy Goodison & Christine Morris. A collection articles, with numerous illustrations and photos of statues, carvings and archaeological sites, by 12 international scholars of ancient history and archaeology. Reviewing the idea of a Mother Goddess and early matriarchal societies with scientific evidence, and reviewing the works of others such as Maria Gimbutas, this work covers the subject from a global perspective with abundant evidence, allowing the reader to make up their own mind. Many Illustrations. 224 pp.
$45.95 Hardcover. **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> -->>

* WARRIOR WOMEN, An Archaeologist's Search for History's Hidden Heroines, by Jeannine Davis-Kimball. An overview of exotic excavations from Eurasia to Mongolian tombs, to rune-covered burial mounds in Ireland, in search of the truth about history's most powerful women. Details: The origins of the Amazons and a legacy of riding, fighting women which is fact, not myth. Secret of mummified priestesses in China, who were tall, auburn-haired and unmistakably Celtic in origin. The "Gold Man" of Saka, buried with clues which male archaeologists long ignored. Irish warrior-queens, whose sepulchres still stand on the lush pastures of Eire. In Warrior Women, Dr. Davis-Kimball creates an exciting new global picture of a cadre of women, rich in gold and giften in knowledge -- nurturers, soothsayers, warriors and leaders. 268 pp.
$24.95 Hardcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> -->>


* THE BOOK OF ANCIENT REVELATIONS, by Hugh Fox. Presents evidence for Pre-Columbian contacts between Mediterranean culture through Polynesia and into South America. Draws upon names, artwork, mythology, epic literature and scripture, astrology and geography to build the case. A journey back in time to examine an ancient solar-astronomical religion, derived from Phoenician sources, which engaged in long-distance oceanic voyages and use of psychedelic drugs. 143 pp.
$ 49.95 - Softcover

* UNEARTHING ATLANTIS, An Archaeological Odyssey, by Charles Pellegrino. The Minoan civilization unearthed off the shores of Greece may be the real cradle of democracy, technology, and a model sex-economic society. Sifting through a dazzling range of evidence, Pellegrino reconstructs the advanced world that flourished on the Greek island of Thera and lays bare its many ties to the mythical city of Atlantis. And, he shows how it vanished in a volcanic eruption unequaled in the 3,500 years since. 325 pp.

* THE NEW VIEW OVER ATLANTIS, by John Michell. One of the very best and most scholarly accounts of ancient megalithic monuments in Europe, with an open attitude towards a more integrated and global civilization. He reveals non-random patterns to ancient stone monuments around the globe. The book gets a bit mystical in places, over-reaching to prove its case, but does introduce many new and fascinating observations, such as the layered construction of some megalithic "tombs" -- composed of peats and iron-rich clays and stones -- suggestive of ancient orgone energy accumulators. Richly illustrated and guaranteed to stimulate. 224 pp.

* AMERICAN DISCOVERY: Reclaiming Our Multicultural Heritage, Presented by Gunnar Thompson. One of the leading scholars on the subject of multicultural voyages to the New World before Columbus takes us on a journey into the past to discover America's hidden heritage. He presents the evidence on ancient mariners from all over the world that is found in artifacts, art, linguistics, writings and especially in old maps from as early as 500 BC, which clearly indicate knowledge of the American continent. 120 mins. VHS. NTSC Only
$ 24.95 Videotapes **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> -->>

* MAPS OF THE ANCIENT SEA KINGS: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age, by Charles Hapgood. Back in print after 20 years, the author produces concrete evidence of advanced world-wide sea travel interconnecting the Old and New Worlds, thousands of years before Columbus and many Old World city-states as well. Based upon ancient maps which show all the continents, including Antarctica with an ice-free coastline, there is evidence these people lived under a different polar-axis and climatic conditions than today. 316 pp.
$ 19.95 Softcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> -->>

* THE VIKING DISCOVERY OF AMERICA: Excavation of a Norse Settlement in L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, by Helge Ingstad & Anne Stine Ingstad. A large format volume with color photos, overviewing Norse contacts in the New World before Columbus, with a specific focus on the excavations of Norse Settlement in Newfoundland. A thousand years ago, Lief Eriksson sailed with 35 Norsemen from Greenland, to discover the bountiful fertile land which came to be called Vinland. Eriksson and his crew settled there, explored the land and built housing before returning home with tales of their adventures. Inspired by Eriksson, three new expeditions set forth from Greenland to forge a new life in Vinland, where settlements lasted roughly 500 years. This volume summarizes painstaking archaeological research, rich with artifacts, old settlements and graves, proving the Vikings pre-dated Columbus. Many Illustrations 193 pp.
$ 45.95 Hardcover. **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>


* THE GARDENS OF THEIR DREAMS: Desertification and Culture in World History, by Brian Griffith. More confirmation of DeMeo's Saharasia findings, in this recent work which traces 7000 years of human history, showing the profound effects of desertification and drought upon emerging human societies. Cites many new sources and lines of evidence, combining ecological, social and religious histories. 368 pp.

* SEX IN HISTORY, by Reay Tannahill. A historical and world-wide survey of sexual attitudes, customs, and practices in all the world's major civilizations from earliest times to the present day. It is a history of sex, relationships between the sexes, and how sexuality has influenced the whole course of human development. Very scholarly, witty, readable and thought provoking with an update on the impact of AIDS hysteria on current sexuality. 490 pp.
$ 16.95 - Softcover - **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* WITCHES, MIDWIVES & NURSES, A History of Women Healers, by Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English. Chronicles the linkage of women healers with witchcraft, their brutal repression, and the consequent appropriation of health issues by a predominately male medical elite. Illustrated 46 pp.
$ 5.95 Softcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> -->>

* WHITE GOLD: The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and Islam's One Million White Slaves, by Giles Milton. The true story of white European slaves in 18th Century Algiers, Tunis and Morocco, through the horrid experiences of a Cornish cabin boy, taken prisoner at sea with his shipmates in 1716 by Barbary Muslim pirate corsairs. Their captors -- Ali Hakem and his netowrk of Islamic slave traders -- had declared war on the whole of Christian Europe. France, Spain, England and Italy had suffered many devastating attacks by Islamic raiders who would sail into quiet harbors as far north as Iceland, disembark and capture away the populations of entire coastal European villages. Thousands of European men, women and children had been snatched from their homes and taken in chains to the great slave markets of the Northwest African coast, for sale to the highest bidder. Pellow and his shipmates were bought by the tyrranical sultan of Morocco, Moulay Ismail, who was constructing an imperial palace of such scale and grandeur that it would surpass every other building in the world, a palace built entirely by Christian slave labor. The story unfolds on how Pellow, through ingenuity and bravery, manages to survive and finally escape 23 years later, while so many others perished under the Muslim whip. A shocking untold chapter in the history of the "religion of peace". 316 pp.
$24.95 Hardcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> -->>

* THE PIRATE COAST: Thomas Jefferson, the First Marines, and the Secret Mission of 1805, by Richard Zacks. High adventure! After harassing shipping in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, stealing cargoes and enslaving ship passengers, and clashing with American frigates sent to protect them, Muslim leaders of Tripoli declared war on the young USA in 1801, with Jefferson as President. In 1803, USS Philadelphia accidentally ran aground in Tripoli, wherein the Muslim leader captured and enslaved its 300 occupants and renamed the ship "The Gift of Allah". Humiliated internationally, Jefferson ordered a daring rescue mission which involved the USA's small fleet of sailing ships, a nearly fatal 500-mile march of a tiny band of US Marines across the Lybian Desert, and the ultimate destruction of the "den of thieves", liberation of the 300 captives, and installation at US pressure a new government leadership and structure. 432 pp.
$25.95 Hardcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> -->>

* THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT GUIDE TO ISLAM (AND THE CRUSADES), by Robert Spencer. The author draws upon his years of study and research into Islamic and world history, spotlighting what Muslims do as well as what they say (in Arabic) in mosques and in the Koran, to support his thesis that it is an intrinsically violence-promoting ideology, not comparable to modern Christianity, Judiasm, Buddhism, Hinduism, or other world religions. Detailing Islam's long history of violent jihad invasion and conquest, the forcible conversions of other cultures into the Muslim faith (or alternatively, their descent into dhimmitude slavery, or death), puncturing many PC myths about Islam being a "peaceful religion", or that it was "tolerant" and "scientifically developed" in prior centuries, or that "Islam respects women", etc. One by one, the myths fall away and deceptions are exposed, leaving us with a clear understanding of how and why modern jihad terrorism will never be restrained from within Islam, but only by a strong confrontation from without by non-Muslims, who are its primary targets. 270 pp.
$19.95 Softcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> -->>

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