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Saharasia Today: Contemporary Social Analysis,
20th-Century History and Critiques of
Right-Wing, Left-Wing and Islamic Fascism,
Criticism of Religion and Mysticism


* ISLAM: What the West Needs To Know, Directed by Gregory Davis & Bryan Daly. Virtually every major Western leader has over the past several years expressed the view that Islam is a peaceful religion and that those who commit violence in its name are fanatics who misinterpret its tenets. This claim, while widely circulated, rarely attracts serious public examination. Relying primarily on Islam's own sources, this documentary demonstrates that Islam is a violent, expansionist and conquest ideology that seeks the destruction or subjugation of other faiths, cultures, and systems of government. The documentary consists of original interviews, citations from Islamic texts, Islamic artwork, computer-animated maps, footage of Western leaders, and Islamic television broadcasts. Its tone is sober, methodical, and compelling. Includes interviews with Robert Spencer, Walid Shoebat, Bat Ye'or, Serge Trifkovic, Abdullah Al-Araby, and others.

* DEBUNKING 9/11 MYTHS: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts, An In-Depth Investigation by Popular Mechanics Magazine, Edited by David Dunbar and Brad Reagan, with a Foreword by US Senator John McCain. The first conspiracy theories about Sept. 11th began to emerge while the wreckage was still smoldering. Today, a huge array of skeptics believe the US Government orchestrated the attacks, and these theorists say they have the evidence to back it up. Not so fast. This book presents the hard facts and irrefutable evidence about the 9/11 conspiracy theories, consulting more than 300 experts and sources in such fields as air traffic control, aviation, civil engineering, fire fighting, and metallurgy. The investigation focuses on concrete facts rather than political theories, and its conclusions are supported by hard evidence, including photographs, transcripts, scientific studies, expert testimony and other documentation. Included is an array of color photos showing aircraft debris outside and inside the Pentagon, parts of the World Trade Center metal framework literally glowing red-hot and warping just prior to their collapse, passenger aircraft debris around the WTC collapse sites, photos of WTC7 buckling under the stress of a raging fire which could not be extinguished, comparative identifications of civilian airliners and on-site photos not widely seen. It also exposes many whole-cloth fabrications promoted by the worst of the conspiracy authors. Added is multiple testimony from eye-witnesses. Not one of the claims of the conspiracy theories survives this substantial evidence, and we see that most of the conspiracy theory authors are simply self-deceived, or crafty liars on a political vendetta. 170 pp.
$14.95 Hardcover

* HATRED'S KINGDOM: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism, by Dore Gold. In the global search for culprits and causes in the rise of terrorism, former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold shines a spotlight on a nation many think of as a close ally of the United States: Saudi Arabia. Gold documents how the Saudi government is greatly influenced by the Puritanical Islamist sect known as Wahhabism and, he explains, that influence has lead to Saudi support of terrorism in the Middle East, Europe, the United States and around the world. Exhaustive research on the ongoing threat of terrorism. 309 pp.
$24.95 hardcover

* THE ROAD TO JENIN - DVD Directed by Pierre Rehov. This DVD movie tracks and details the events of the Palestinian "second intifada" war against Israel, starting with the multiple suicide bombers attacking Israeli civilians and other critical events leading up to and after the Israeli Defence Force attack against the armed encampment of Jenin, where the bombers were being trained and outfitted. While the Palestinian propaganda ministry used the events to claim a giant massacre had occurred, which the international mass-media also at first embraced and propagandized, subsequent review indicated only 52 Palestinians died during the battle, 40 of whom were gunmen and fighters, while 23 Israeli soldiers had died. Exposes numerous fabrications of "atrocity" by the Palestinian Authority, including footage of a "dead man" falling out of a casket, only to jump up and crawl back inside as the crowd carried him hysterically through the city, for the international TV cameras. Nevetheless treats Palestinian civilians sympathetically, given their also being victims of Islamo-fascist terror groups. In English and French.
$19.95 DVD Region 1 North America

* INSIDE 9-11: What Really Happened - BOOK, by the Reporters, Writers and Editors of DER SPIEGEL Magazine. From Germany's news magazine of record. Gives a day by day, minute by minute account of the cataclysm of September 11th, detailing the organizing and plans of the various terrorists, their motivations and networks of helpers, links to overseas terror groups, and the horrific effects and aftermath of their actions. The most comprehensive reconstruction of the events in print to date, with appendices. 321 pp.


* THE WAR AGAINST AMERICA: Saddam Hussein and the World Trade Center Attacks - A Study of Revenge, by Laurie Mylroie. Widely ignored in the years before and after 9/11, but now obtaining a renewed interest due to more recent findings that some of the same Islamo-fascist terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center in 1993, and who were assisted by Iraqi intelligence then, were later involved in the 9/11/2001 disaster. The book lays out facts indicating the masterminds of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing were supported by Iraqi intelligence: the large telephone bills between the organizers Muhammed Salameh and Ramsi Yusef, then living in New York, to known terrorists in Iraq; Yusef's escape and flight after the 1993 bombing to the Philippines, where he later joined an al-Qaeda plot to down 12 US airliners over the Pacific (Yusef's uncle, also involved, was the notorious al-Qaeda 9/11 planner, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, as detailed in the above book Masterminds of Terror). Another plotter, Abdul Rahman Yasin, fled to Baghdad where he was hosted and protected by Iraqi authorities up until the liberation of Iraq by coalition forces in 2003. Provides photocopies of telephone logs and other documents, detailing these and many other connections. Originally released before 9/11 under the titile "Study of Revenge." 318 pp.
$9.95 Softcover

* MUHAMMAD'S MONSTERS: A Comprehensive Guide to Radical Islam for Western Audiences, Edited By David Bukay. A collection of fourteen essays by some of the world's leading authorities on Islamic terrorism and radical Muslim organizations. Details Muslim's bloody history and behavior versus the high-sounding rhetoric of the "religion of peace". An eye-opener. Essays by Anthony Dennis, Charles Selengut, Shaul Shay, Joseph Farah, Mordechai Nisan, Patrick Sookhdeo, Raphael Israeli, KPS Gill, Ajai Sahni, David Pryce-Jones, Robert Wistrich, Gerald Steinberg, Ahron Etengoff, Danny Shoham, Yehezkel Dror and David Bukay. Probably these are not the names of the Middle East "experts" dragged onto your TV set for watered-down "commentary" about Islamic terror, but they should be. The book is global in scope, detailing how Islam has continuously expanded and spread over its 1400 years of history, and how today world-wide, Muslims cannot get along with their neighbors. 335 pp.
$13.95 Softcover - one copy remaining

* THE CONNECTION: How al-Qaeda's Collaboration with Saddam Hussein Has Endangered America, by Stephen Hayes. A concise summary of the abundant evidence demonstrating close and on-going ties between Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Ladin and the al-Qaeda organization. Saddam Hussein was deeply engaged in sponsoring international terrorism, including the provision of money, materials, weapons, training and expertise to various members of OBL's al-Qaeda group, and also transfers of funds to Mohammed Atta, who almost certainly did meet with Iraqi intelligence services on several occasions. al-Qaeda groups and officials were hosted in Iraq on numerous occasions, brought to Saddam's "terror training schools" at Salaman Pak and elsewhere, given safe haven bases in Northern Iraq after the defeat of the Talibans, and so on. Ongoing terrorism against USA/UK coalitiion forces after the collapse of Saddam's military power was a consequence of the extensive terror-supporting networks already well-established in Iraq even before the terrible events of 9-11. Saddam was up to his eyeballs in sponsoring international terrorism, including attacks against both Israelis and Americans, including the first WTC bombing in NYC, and likely also 9-11. He and his intelligence and military deputies worked hand-in-hand with OBL, and their shared hatred of America overwhelmed whatever disputes they had with each other. The book also documents the incredible distortion and willful ignoring or watering-down of these connections by left-liberal branches of the international media, whose hatred of US President G.W. Bush seems to have overshadowed their ethical commitment to reporting the facts. 194 pp.
$9.95 hardcover -

* WHILE EUROPE SLEPT: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within, by Bruce Bawer. The struggle for the soul of Europe today is every bit as dire and consequential as it was in the 1930s. Then, in Weimar, Germany, the center did not hold, and the light of civilization nearly went out. Today, the Continent has entered yet another "Weimar moment". Will Europeans rise to the challenge posed by radical Islam, or will they cave in once again to the extremists? Europe is today challenged by a religious fundamentalism which knows no compromise, which will reduce all women down and kill both heretics, homosexuals, and infidels. And it is not Christianity of the Middle Ages, but rather the imported "religion of peace", Islam, which poses this serious challenge. Bawer, a homosexual who departed the USA for Europe to get away from "American fundamentalists" writes of his experiences and observations about growing organized Islamo-fascist violence, which led him to abandon Europe and return to the safer and far more tolerant shores of the USA. 247 pp.
$23.95 Hardcover


* ISLAM: What the West Needs To Know, Directed by Gregory Davis & Bryan Daly. Virtually every major Western leader has over the past several years expressed the view that Islam is a peaceful religion and that those who commit violence in its name are fanatics who misinterpret its tenets. This claim, while widely circulated, rarely attracts serious public examination. Relying primarily on Islam's own sources, this documentary demonstrates that Islam is a violent, expansionist and conquest ideology that seeks the destruction or subjugation of other faiths, cultures, and systems of government. The documentary consists of original interviews, citations from Islamic texts, Islamic artwork, computer-animated maps, footage of Western leaders, and Islamic television broadcasts. Its tone is sober, methodical, and compelling. Includes interviews with Robert Spencer, Walid Shoebat, Bat Ye'or, Serge Trifkovic, Abdullah Al-Araby, and others.

* THE HIDDEN HITLER, (book) by Lothar Machtan. Machtan's book created a storm of controversy both within the fields of "Hitler studies" and "gay studies", but his findings appear sound, well-researched, factually supported, and worthy of open consideration. One has to wonder why, out of 120,000 different books on Hitler and the Third Reich, that only a tiny number have dared to address parts of this question. Machtan focuses upon Hitler the man and does not discuss what Hitler did, even while arguing that one cannot begin to understand him, his entry into politics, and the early Nazi movement without a clear understanding of this aspect of his identity. The book documents the homosexual milieu in which the young Hitler lived and thrived from his early years in Vienna, through the beginnings of his political career in Munich, and during his years as the Fuehrer. Machtan documents a succession of homosexual and homosexually-inclined men among Hitler's most intimate friends and supporters, including August Kubizek, Rudolf Haeusler, Renhold Hanisch, Ernst Schmit, Ernst Roehm, Dietrich Eckart, Rudolf Hess, Emil Maurice, "Putzi" Hanfstaengl and Kurt Ludecke. Of these, Eckart and Roehm were pivotal to his entry into politics and Machtan unearths new documents attesting to Hitler's homosexuality during those early years. Recent books on the Nazi movement have argued that the Third Reich was a fundamentally sordid regime. Machtan provids powerful new evidence in support of this view. This side of hitler and his "Munich clique" as Goebbels put it, has never been so vividly evoked. A vivid portrait of the homoerotic nature of the early Nazi movement. 434 pp.
$14.95 Hardcover. On sale.

Also recommended, this free download by Dr. Reisman, on "The Pink Swastika", a summary article on the "macho" homosexual leadership of the Nazi Party. (PDF Download) For more documentation on this subject see "The Pink Swastika" book by Lively, below.

* THE TROJAN HORSE - DVD: Israel and the War of Images. Directed by Pierre Rehov. Exclusive footage showing Arafat and other Palestinian leaders denying the Holocaust and pronouncing the real mission of the "peace process" is but "the first step towards the destruction of Israel". Images of Palestinian TV created for small children, calling for the death of Jews. A shocking "reality TV" on the deception of the Muslim world in their claims for any desire for "peace". Arafat calling for jihad-war in speeches to his people in Arabic, contrasted to peace-talk lying in English. Savage images of Palestinians attacking Jews unprovoked and more. 75 min.
$12.95 DVD Region 1 North America

* FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA - DVD Directed by Pierre Rehov. The true sentiments of the Palestinian leadership is, their desired "Palestinian State" is aimed at full Jewish ethnic cleansing and/or genocide, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. This documentary traces the tragedy of the original Muslim refugees from the 1948 war of Israeli survival, showing how they were systematically refused refugee status by all Muslim nations, refused entry into other lands, and organized as political pawns by Muslim nations working through the UN, so as to create a constant flash-point to thrwart peace efforts. While all Palestinian refugees are heralded as a major cause of friction in the region, nobody mentions the equal number of Jewish refugees thrown out of Muslim lands at the same time, but who were welcomed by the Israeli government. Exposes corruption within the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA).
$12.95 DVD Region 1 North America

* HOLY WAR, INC.: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Ladin, by Peter L. Bergen. Originally written before the 9-11 suicide attacks in the USA, then significantly expanded, this work gives a comprehensive accounting of OBL's al-Qaeda terror network, from its early roots and terror attacks against American targets in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and East Africa, covering OBL's fatwas for killing of Americans and Jews, his years in Sudan and Afghanistan, and the later American retalliation strikes against his network. A scathing indictment of the world's most wanted man, and his well-funded terror organization. Bergen interviewed OBL in 1997 for CNN, produced a number of documentaries on international terrorism, and has worked as a journalist in the Middle East for many years. 321 pp.
$ 4.95 - Hardcover - sale price

* BRIGHTER THAN THE BAGHDAD SUN: Saddam Hussein's Nuclear Threat to the United States, by Shyam Bhatia & Daniel McGrory. One of several similar books published in 2000, a full year before 9/11 and 3 years before the Iraq War, documenting how the Iraqi dictator was filled with rage against the United States for his defeat in the first Gulf War, and had been organizing towards development of nuclear weaponry at a fast pace, with a program investing more than $18 billion and 20,000 technicians aiming towards development of a nuclear bomb. Today, this is old news, but the documentation is worthwhile to have, if only to rebut the many nay-sayers who today dismiss the grim reality. The authors are Middle East correspondents with the London Observer and London Times newspapers, respectively. 341 pp.
$ 6.95 - Hardcover - sale price

* WHILE EUROPE SLEPT: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within, by Bruce Bawer. The struggle for the soul of Europe today is every bit as dire and consequential as it was in the 1930s. Then, in Weimar, Germany, the center did not hold, and the light of civilization nearly went out. Today, the Continent has entered yet another "Weimar moment". Will Europeans rise to the challenge posed by radical Islam, or will they cave in once again to the extremists? Europe is today challenged by a religious fundamentalism which knows no compromise, which will reduce all women down and kill both heretics, homosexuals, and infidels. And it is not Christianity of the Middle Ages, but rather the imported "religion of peace", Islam, which poses this serious challenge. Bawer, a homosexual who departed the USA for Europe to get away from "American fundamentalists" writes of his experiences and observations about growing organized Islamo-fascist violence, which led him to abandon Europe and return to the safer and far more tolerant shores of the USA. 247 pp.
$23.95 Hardcover OUT OF STOCK, TRY AMAZON ==>>

* FIRST COMES SATURDAY, THEN COMES SUNDAY - DVD Directed by Pierre Rehov. Details the ethnic cleansing of Christians from Muslim-controlled sectors of "Palestine", with vicious attacks, rapes, beatings, and other measures just as bad as their actions against Jews. "First comes the Saturday people (Jews), then comes the Sunday peoples" is the Arabic-Muslim expression, meaning nobody but Muslims will be allowed to survive in "their" Middle East.
$19.95 DVD Region 1 North America **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ====>

* THE TRUTH ABOUT MUHAMMAD: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion, by Robert Spencer. The author continues his quest (from prior books such as "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam" -- see below), to dispel myths, cure ignorance and open our eyes to hard truths about Islam. Spencer trades platitudes for scholarship; delusions for reality. If we are going to win the "War on Terrorism", we need to know how Muhammad really lived -- and why he endures as the inspiration for global jihad. This book is a threat to the "religion of peace" propaganda that lulls the West into submission. Strike a blow for survival and read it. 224 pp.
$24.95 Hardcover - ** NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* THE SILENT EXODUS - DVD Directed by Pierre Rehov. They were more than a million Jews forced out of long-time family homes and businesses in Muslim lands with little more than the shirts on their backs. Between 1946 and 1974, this million is the number of forgotten fugitives, expelled from the Arab world, and whom history would like to forget, while the victims themselves have hidden their fate under a veil of modesty. The Jews had been living in Arabic lands for thousands of years and seemed to accept their fate forever, some even considering their survival a miracle. But 1948, the beginning of their exodus, was also the birth of the State of Israel. And while the Arab armies were preparing to invade the young refugee-country, while the survivors of the Shoah (Holocaust) were piling up in dangerous boats to flee a still too-dangerous Europe and find sanctuary in Israel, a few hundred thousand Arabs from Palestine were getting ready to flee their homes, convinced they would return as winners and conquerers. They were soon going to fill up the refugee camps built on their brother's land and -- because of their refusal to integrate -- pass on their refugee status to the next generations. After the dust of numerous wars had cleared, while the Arabs demanded the "right of return", those Jews driven out of their homes in Arab countries in far greater numbers, who arrived in Israel and Europe penniless and having everything stolen from them by the Arabs, simply wished to rebuild their lives. This is the story of the forgotten Jewish refugees.
$19.95 DVD Region 1 North America **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ====>

* THE POPES AGAINST THE JEWS: The Vatican's Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism, by David Kertzer. Using documentation from the Vatican Archives, Kertzer exposes the role of a long list of past Popes in spreading virulent Jew-hatred across Europe, through official Vatican newspapers and pronouncements, and by strong political opposition to reformist tendencies in Europe which granted Jews more freedom and autonomy in the late 1800s. Exposes conspiracy of Pius XII, and his predecesors, in wilfull actions that knowingly would lead to the deaths of many Jews, including their deportations to Nazi death camps. A must-read for every Catholic, and for others to show the dangers of organized religious mysticism. 355 pp.
$ 24.95 - Hardcover ** NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* TERRORISM FACTBOOK: Our Nation At War, by Marc Miller & Jason File. Produced shortly after 9-11, this book carries a series of essays and basic information on the terror attacks against the USA, the different terror factions, and detailing (with accuracy) the kind of military response the USA was likely to undertake in the near future. A basic primer and overview of the subject, condensed. Good for quick fact-references. Full color image of WTC "Twin Towers" struck by hijacked jets on the cover, the seminal event which changed so much. 80 pp. with color fold-out map.

* THE CASE FOR ISRAEL, by Alan Dershowitz. Every charge leveled at Israel by its opponents is dealt with lucidly and convincingly by one of the USA's foremost attorneys and defenders of civil liberties. 32 separate Open Questions are asked, and then addressed and rebutted, even while admitting to Israel's mistakes. A searing indictment of the radical Arab and Palestinian cause, showing among other things: The roots of Arab-Islamic opposition to any Jewish state, no matter how small, in blatent Jew-hatred racism; Arab admiration for old Nazism and support for Hitler in efforts to exterminate the Middle East's Jewish population; Arafat's continuing support for extermination politics, including for Tiananmen Square; Incessant encitement of Arab populations to murderous violence against Jewish civilians, from virtually every Arabic media outlet since the late 1800s with multiple massacres as a consequence; The willful targeting of Jewish civilians by the collective Armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and others, in six wars of aggression and extermination against Israel, against all norms of international law; Hypocrisy within the UN, which ignores deceptions and murderous actions by Arab-Islamic nations in a manner that would provoke diplomatic crises if they happened elsewhere; Long-time Jewish populations across the Middle East, including within old Palestine, with a high Jewish population and low Arab population at the time of the UN partition; Refusal by Arab nations to assimilate displaced Palestinian populations following wars of aggression against Israel which they started, leading to the current "Palestinian refugee" crisis, at the same time they expelled even larger numbers of Jews from their own territories who were assimilated within Israel; On-going support for the worst of the Middle East terror groups by leaders of nearly all the Arab-Islamic nations; Chronic misrepresentation of facts (lying) by Arab-Palestinian supporters, such as Chomsky, Said and others; double-speak by Arab leaders who proclaim peaceful intentions to the Western press, but speak about genocide against the Jews (and Americans) in Arabic to their own populations. A wake-up call for those who feel "Israeli policies" or "the occupation" are behind the 50-years war. 264 pp.
$19.95 hardcover - ** NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* THE FIFTEEN CENTURY WAR: Islam's Violent Heritage, By Morgan Norval. The overwhelming majority of the pundits and decisions makers in the West, including America's elites, say they have no problem with Islam, only with its violent extremist elements. These people are wrong and are turning a blind eye to history. The relationship between Islam and non-Islamic societies has been tense and full of conflict for almost fifteen centuries. The ongoing conflict between Islam and the West is war. Libya, Iran, and Iraq, as well as non-state groups such as al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and other militant Islamic groups consider themselves at war with the US. The brutality and viciousness of Islam's war on non-Muslims in places like the Sudan, Indonesia, Nigeria, the Philippines and the 9/11 attacks on the US, provides a vivid example of what the future holds. History is on the march, and the world is a very dangerous place today. As the ancient ongoing conflict between Islam and virtually every non-Muslim culture heats up, that danger will grow. We had better wake up to that, for no ostrich ever saved his life by keeping his head in the sand. If we fail, the world faces a return of barbarism, and a new Dark Age descending upon humanity. 200 pp.

* EURABIA: The Euro-Arab Axis, by Bat Ye'or. This book is about the transformation of Europe into "Eurabia", a cultural and political appendage of the Arab/Muslim world. Eurabia, in contrast to the mainstream of democratic Europe, is fundamentally anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-American, and anti-Semitic. The social institutions pushing along this transformation, and which continue to propagate its ideological message, include the Euro-Arab Dialogue and others developed through the EEC and EU by European and Arab politicians and intellectuals over the past 30 years. This organizational push, which few Europeans even know about, has fostered changes in immigration laws, monetary policy, foreign aid, cultural transfers, economic and military alliances, and a general attitude of "dhimmitude" among European news media who embrace a fantasy-history of "peaceful Islam", and have been slavishly pro-Muslim in their reporting. Long term historical and geographical ties between European and Islamic regions -- as seen most clearly in the alliances between Germany and Turkey, and between France, Syria and Iraq over most of the 20th Century -- have facilitated this process of transformation. Like a frog being cooked in a pot of slowly heated water, the current shrinking populations of Europe are threatened to be overwhelmed by expanding Islamic populations, who bring repressive Islamic Sharia Law traditions supplanting both more-tolerant Christian traditions, as well as the Enlightenment and Renaissance values which lay at the foundations of every freedom-oriented European social development. The pending entry of Islamic Turkey into the EU -- being fostered by European diplomats and Arabist-intellectuals, without any genuine public debate or democratic decision-making -- is a case in point. Those familiar with Wilhelm Reich's work and James DeMeo's "Saharasia", will find Bat Ye'or's writings to lack a focus upon important emotional and sex-economic foundations which explain "why" many in Europe (and the USA) are more comfortable with restrictive Islamic culture than, by contrast, with either mainstream American or Israeli culture, even while foundational freedoms historically absent from Islamic culture --democracy, women's rights, secular and sexual freedom -- constitute a shared Euro-American-Israeli heritage. Eurabia nevertheless documents, with considerable evidence, the socio-economic configurations of an accelerating spread of patristic cultural elements out of the Saharasian desert belt within very modern times, which will have increasingly life-negative influences. Eurabia is a stark warning for everyone concerned about human rights, the status of women, secular values and sexual freedom, in the face of mass-migrations from totalitarian Islamic nations where important Western values are treated only as toxic social poison, to be stamped out and swept aside. 384 pp.

* THE SOVIET STORY, A Film by Edvins Snore (DVD). This is a powerful documentary on the massive slaughter of human life in the Soviet Union (USSR), a slaughter which is notable firstly for exceeding that which occurred under Hitler and the Nazis, and secondly because the facts and evidence of this "Revolutionary Holocaust" have been suppressed and concealed for more than 80 years. It is the story of an Allied Power, the USSR, which helped the Nazis to fight Jews and which slaughtered its own people on an industrial scale. And both the slaughter and cover-up was facilitated by the left-wing Marxists in the USA. The crimes of Marxist-Leninist Communism became taboo, and the complete story of Europe's most murderous regime has hardly gotten public attention. This DVD film hopes to break down the West's self-imposed barriers to this "forbidden information". In addition to the feature liength film of 1 hr. 25 minutes, it contains bonus interviews with experts discussing the Soviet Terror, Famine in the Ukraine 1932-1933, Gestapo-NKVD Agreements, Pro-Nazi stance of French Communists in 1940, the Soviet Legacy, and Prosecuting Soviet Crimes. In English with subtitles in 15 Languages - Czech, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukranian. 110 mins of material.

* IN DENIAL: Historians, Communism And Espionage, By John Earl Haynes & Harvey Klehr. In Denial shows how, starting in the 1960s, the study of American communism was taken over by 'revisionist' historians who misportrayed the USA as the aggressor in the Cold War, and the American Communist Party (CPUSA) as an admirable force for democracy. Today, more than 10 years after the death of Soviet communism, revisionists remain dismissive of Stalin's crimes and greatly understate the degree to which the CPUSA apologized for Stalinism and assisted Soviet espionage. Under their influence, the leading historical journals continue to teach that America's rejection of the Communist Party was a tragic error, that American Communists were actually unsung heroes working for democratic ideals, and that those anticommunist liberals and conservatives who fought against the CPUSA in the 1950s were contemptible villains. The authors, both noted historians, expose the falsity of those claims, detailing the high-up academic distortions of American and Soviet history, and showing how revisionists have either ignored other revelations from the Soviet archives and Venona intercepts, or try to minimize their importance. This work casts Wilhelm Reich's assertions, of a communist conspiracy against himself, in a new light, suggesting how anti-communism was and continues to be the more life-positive and freedom-oriented choice for genuine liberals and humanitarians. 316 pp.
$25.95 - hardcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* THE BLACK BOOK OF COMMUNISM: Crimes, Terror, Repression, by Stephane Courtois, et al. This damning reckoning of communism's worldwide legacy was a bestseller that sparked passionate arguments among intellectuals of the Left. Essentially a body count of communism's victims in the 20th century, the book draws heavily from recently opened Soviet archives. The verdict: communism was responsible for between 85 million and 100 million deaths in the century. In France, both sales and controversy were fueled, as Martin Malia notes in the foreword, by editor Courtois's specific comparison of communism's "class genocide" with Nazism's "race genocide." Communism did kill, Courtois and his fellow historians demonstrate, with ruthless efficiency: 25 million in Russia during the Bolshevik and Stalinist eras, perhaps 65 million in China under the eyes of Mao Zedong, 2 million in Cambodia, millions more Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America--an astonishingly high toll of victims. This freely expressed penchant for homicide, Courtois maintains, was no accident, but an integral trait of a philosophy, and a practical politics, that promised to erase class distinctions by erasing classes and the living humans that populated them. 858 pp.
$37.50 hardcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* ICON OF EVIL: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam, by David Dalin and John Rothmann. It has been stated (by J. DeMeo) that "the Middle-East problem between Jews and Muslims is left-over business from World War II." Nothing so dramatically proves this point as an investigation of "Hitler's Mufti" - Haj Amin al-Husseini. Truly a dirty and evil man, al-Husseini constantly positioned himself for power in the old British protectorate, becoming the homosexual lover to the British High Commissioner, effectively persuading him to follow the Arab cause, something to which so many young British officers (such as T.E. Lawrence "of Arabia") also were homo-erotically drawn. He lobbied Hitler to not merely "expell the Jews" from Germany nor to deport them to Madagascar -- fearing they would then come into British Palestine -- he effectively suggested mass-killings to Hitler, a suggestion which was eventually taken up and implemented. The Mufti himself planned to set up extermination camps in the Middle East. And he would have done so, except that Rommel's Afrika-korps was defeated soundly by the British at el-Alimaine. Fleeing firstly to Nazified Europe, getting support from French Vichy officials, and gaining access to a fortune in looted Jewish monies, he later fled the hangman's noose at Nuremburg to safe refugee in Nasser's violently anti-Jewish Egypt. There, he teamed up many old Nazi SS officers who also had fled, converted to Islam and took Arabic names, and became officers in the same Egyptian military brigades who would later launch wars against the Jews of Israel. Hitler's Mufti later became the mentor to a young Yassir Arafat, helping to finance Arabic and other Islamic-language editions of "Mein Kampf", "The Protocols of Zion" and other anti-Jewish screeds of the Nazi period. Reading the life-history of this cruel-hearted and fanatical Mufti gives us a direct eyewitness accounting on how the modern problems of Islamic terrorism have roots back to old problems of the WW-II period, if not earlier. 229 pp.

* THE NAZI CONNECTIONS TO ISLAMIC TERRORISM: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Husseini, by Chuck Morse. The remarkable story of Al-Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem who was in many ways as big a Nazi villain as Hitler himself, and his influence on events in the Middle East during and after WW-II. Exposes his alliance with Hitler, his role in formation of special pro-Nazi Bosnian "Muslim SS" brigades who wore the swastika on their fez hats, and their role in the massacres of Serbs, Gypsies and Jews in the Balkans. A genocidal program against the Jews of the Middle East was established through his efforts, which persisted after WW-II against the Jews of Israel. Al-Husseini met with Adolf Eichman in Palestine in 1937, going on the Nazi payroll as a top Nazi agent, later meeting with Hitler in Berlin. He played a role in the pro-Nazi coup in Iraq in 1941, actively urged governments in Europe to transport Jews to the death camps, and funneled Nazi loot into post-war Arab countries. A too-often concealed aspect of Middle Eastern history, underlying modern terrorist philosophy. 171 pp.

* THE ARSONISTS, by Max Frisch. A short play which gives a powerful lesson about what the late Dr. Wilhlem Reich termed "the Emotional Plague", of how ordinary people, out of feelings of "doing good" and guilt, become willing accomplises to those plotting imminent destruction, and help pave the road to social disasters. Originally titled "Biederman und die Brandstifter" (Biederman and the Arsonists") and sometimes titled "The Firebugs", this was written in the post WW-II period as a warning about how German-speaking people were taking in by Hitler. Biedermann is a respected member of the community with a loving wife and flourishing business. Nothing can get to him. He is a great philanthrope, happy to fulfil his civic duty and give shelter to two new houseguests. When they start filling the attic with petrol drums, he is only happy to help to wire up the fuse and give them some matches, unbelieving they would ever do such a thing as burn down his house. Frisch's parable about our accommodating the very thing that will destroy us was written in 1958, but touches so deeply upon the human condition and Emotional Plague, its lessons are contemporary. 80 pp. Import.
$15.95 Softcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> ==>>

* A PEACE TO END ALL PEACE: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East, by David Fromkin How the modern Middle East emerged from decisions made by the Allies during and after World War 1. The Middle East has long been a battleground of rival religions, ideologies, nationalisms, and dynasties. All of these conflicts -- including the hostilities between Arabs and Israelis -- stem from its geopolitical inheritance, as well as long-standing ethnic disputes and divides which prior to the Allies was smothered under the Ottoman Caliphate. With the end of Ottoman rule, all the competing interests emerged fresh, and out of the chaos and destruction of WW-I, everything seemed possible, including an alliance between Arab nationalism and Zionism. For those who really want to know, this book will provide the foundational facts on how the boundaries were derived, and who honestly agreed to what, in the critical first-quarter of the 20th Century. 635 pp.
$19.95 Softcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> ==>>

* PARIS 1919: Six Months That Changed The World, by Margaret Macmillan Between January and July of 1919, after the "war to end all wars" (WW-I) men and women from around the world converged on Paris to shape the peace. Center stage for the first time in history was an American president, Woodrow Wilson, who with his Fourteen Points seemed to promise to so many people the fulfillment of their dreams. Peacemakers carved up bankrupt empires and created new countries, and set forth the dream for a League of Nations to settle all future disputes peacefully. They wrestled with the problems of Kosovo, of the Kurds, and of a homeland for the Jews -- all issues which have repeatedly come back to center-stage of world events both during and in the aftermath of the next great global cataclysm, World War II. They also confronted but either left unchallenged or appeased various Communist and militant Arab-Muslim aspirations for new Empires. This is no dry history book, but brings to life the characters, such as Wilson, David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill and John Maynard Keynes, Lawrence of Arabia and even Ho Chi Minh, who submitted a petition for an independent Vietnam. More significantly, the author documents and debunks the idea that the reparations imposed upon the Germans after WW-I were so great as to have helped trigger WW-2. In fact, only a small portion of the leveed reparations were ever paid, while the German government almost immediately set itself upon an expensive course to rebuild its military, abbrogating treaty terms one-by-one, with willful contempt, and blaming "the Jews" for their military defeat and misfortunes. One comes to sympathize with the gigantic and impossible tasks which the treaty negotiators tried to resolve. One of the most honest and engaging historical accounts about those fateful months after World War 1, when the maps of Europe and the Middle East were redrawn. 570 pp.

* FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine, by Joan Peters. Starting as a critic of Israel, author Peters set out to review all the original documents and historical archives as regarding Palestinian claims to the region. What she found entirely reversed her opinion, and demolished the claims of the Arab-Muslim world, revealing its source as myth and political propaganda. Peters lays out the facts and documentation showing a long time high population of Jews and Christians, and low population of Arabs in the Eastern Mediterranean region, especially for modern-day Israel and the West Bank. From Turkish and British sources, she documents the high rates of Muslim immigration only after Jewish population expansion and settlers from Europe created an economic boom in the post-Turkish period. She reveals the utter ignorance of the long list of "television experts" who promote Palestinianism around the world, and who have sometimes ignorantly smothered the world with Islamic propaganda. Dissolves the claims of nationalist agitators and corrects the false history of Muslim "victimhood". 601 pp.

* DENYING HISTORY: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It? by Michael Shermer & A. Grobman. Takes a bold and in-depth look at those who say the Holocaust never happened and explores the motivations behind such claims. Photos. 312 pp.
$27.50 hardbound **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* DENYING THE HOLOCAUST, The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, by Deborah Lipstadt. Rips the mask off the neo-fascist, Holocaust-denial movement; identifies the often hidden racist and anti-Semitic activities of its central figures, such as Austin J. App, Arthur Butz, David Duke, Robert Faurisson, David Irving, the Liberty Lobby, CARTO Institute, and Institute for Historical Review. Exposes their fraudulent tactics, omissions and outright lying about the facts of the Holocaust, as well as about themselves. An essential antidote to "Jewish conspiracy" paranoia. 278 pp.

* LYING ABOUT HITLER: History, Holocaust and the David Irving Trial, by Richard J. Evans. In the most famous Holocaust court case since the Adolf Eichman trial, controversial author David Irving brought a libel suit against Penguin Books UK and author Deborah Lipstadt, who had denounced Irving in print as one of the most dangerous Holocaust deniers at work today. As the chief historical adviser to Penguin Books in its successful defense of Lipstadt, Evans spent two years of research, documenting a wide range of vital questions such as who was responsible for violence and genocide against the Jews in Nazi Germany, what Hitler knew and when, and how far his henchmen Himmler and Goebbels and Nazi officials in the SS acted on their own initiative in organizing the violence and mass murder perpetrated against the Jews. Irving lsot the case, leaving intact Lipstadt's identification of him as a racist antisemite and active supporter of neo-fascism. Further exposes the methods of deception of the modern Holocaust denial movement. 318 pp.

* THE ORIGINS OF NAZI GENOCIDE: From Euthanasia to the Final Solution, by Henry Friedlander. Explores in chilling detail how the Nazi program of secretly exterminating the handicapped and disabled evolved into the systematic destruction of Jews and Gypsies. Tracing the rise of racist and eugenic ideologies in Germany, he describes how the so-called euthanasia programs -- developed and encouraged by top figures of German psychiatry and medicine and aimed at "cleansing" hospitals and asylums of so-called "genetic defectives" -- provided the practical models and technological methods (gas chambers disguised as showers, etc.) for mass murder, thereby initiating the Holocaust. A tragic, heretofore hidden chapter in the "history of medicine". 421 pp

* SLAVERY, TERRORISM AND ISLAM: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat, by Peter Hammond. Written by a Christian pastor living in Africa, who observes the day-to-day conflict between predominantly light-skinned Arabic Muslims from North Africa, raiding, slaving, raping and killng the predominantly dark-skinned non-Muslim black Africans of sub-Saharan regions. His book is an empassioned plea for freedom, detailing the history of Islam's war against the non-Muslim in Africa, reinforced with numerous wood-cuts and photos, and other documentation of this long-time problem -- not just for black Africans, who continue to suffer by the millions under the boot-heel of cruel and savage Muslim slave-drivers, even today, but globally as well. He points out some alarming facts: "While two out of every three slaves shipped across the Atlantic were men... two women for every man were enslaved by the Muslims... While the mortality rate for slaves being transported across the Atlantic was as high as 10%, the percentage of (mostly female) slaves dying in transit in the Trans-Sahara and East African slave trade (to Muslim destinations) was between 80 and 90%!" 182 pp.

* OBSESSION: Radical Islam's War Against the West, Directed by Peter Mier. Obsession is a film about the threat of Radical Islam to Western civilization. Using unique footage from Arab television, it reveals an "insiders view" of the hatred the radicals are teaching, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination. The film also traces the parallels between the nazi movement of World War II, the Islamic radicals of today, and the Western world's response to both threats. Featuring interviews with Martin Gilbert, Robert Wistrich, Khaleel Mohammed, Daniel Pipes, Alan Dershowitz, and former PLO terrorist, a former Hitler Youth Commander, and others. The film shows, clearly, that the threat is real. A peaceful religion is being hijacked by a dangerous foe, who seeks to destroy the shared values we stand for. The world should be very concerned.

* THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT GUIDE TO ISLAM (AND THE CRUSADES), by Robert Spencer. The author draws upon his years of study and research into Islamic and world history, spotlighting what Muslims do as well as what they say (in Arabic) in mosques and in the Koran, to support his thesis that it is an intrinsically violence-promoting ideology, not comparable to modern Christianity, Judiasm, Buddhism, Hinduism, or other world religions. Detailing Islam's long history of violent jihad invasion and conquest, the forcible conversions of other cultures into the Muslim faith (or alternatively, their descent into dhimmitude slavery, or death), puncturing many PC myths about Islam being a "peaceful religion", or that it was "tolerant" and "scientifically developed" in prior centuries, or that "Islam respects women", etc. One by one, the myths fall away and deceptions are exposed, leaving us with a clear understanding of how and why modern jihad terrorism will never be restrained from within Islam, but only by a strong confrontation from without by non-Muslims, who are its primary targets. 270 pp.

* THE FORCE OF REASON, by Oriana Fallaci. Second volume of a three-part series, by the noted Italian journalist Fallaci, whose hard-hitting, trenchant social criticism led to efforts by Islamo-fascist sympathizers to have this particular book "banned" in many European countries. A postscript to The Rage and the Pride (see below) which sold over 1 million copies in Italy alone. Her works stand as a warning to Europe and the West about the impending conquest by radical Islam. She passionately warns, "Listen to me, Listen!" about the "Burning of Troy" (Europe) happening right under everyone's nose, the Islamic "Trojan Horse" having already breached the gates. Her warning is about the forthcoming destruction of Europe whose history and heritage of human rights, freedoms and accomplishments, hard-won over many centuries of blood and turmoil, are threatened to be swept away without a struggle as Europe is turned into an Islamic colony named Eurabia. Her book overviews the bloody history of Islamic attacks into Europe, the unchanged nature of modern "moderate" Islam, and searingly rips into her "liberal" critics, who have sought to ban her writings in the name of multiculturalism, and "not offending Islam". It contains also her brave speech given upon receipt of the Annie Taylor Award, which honored her heroism and valor. 307 pp.

* THE LEGACY OF JIHAD: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims, Edited by Andrew Bostom. A comprehensive and meticulously documented correction to the genre of false-history which misportrays Islam as a "religion of peace" which gained its present gigantic territory through peaceful conversions. A collection of 55 essays by nearly as many authors from around the world, who document how Islam's rise to power was achieved by force of arms, and genocidal butchery against "native" pre-Islamic populations on par with both Nazism and Communism in the 20th Century. Covers Muslim theological and juridical texts, showing how all of Islamic war and totalitarianism is advocated, justified and glorified, as well as eyewitness historical accounts by both Muslim and non-Muslim chroniclers of Jihad invasions. Essays are given by peeminent scholars analyzing militaristic jihad and the ruling conditions imposed upon surviving non-Muslim people conquered by such campaigns. Legacy of Jihad documents how, for well over a millennium and across three continents, jihad wars waged against infidel non-Muslims to expand Islamic dominance were carried out by massacre, pillage, enslavement and deportations. A shocking but necessary read and wake-up call for all non-Muslim peoples, to know what lies ahead in the future for Europe and America if Islam (mainstream "peaceful" Islam) is allowed to take root. 759 pp.

* UNHOLY ALLIANCE: Radical Islam And The American Left, By David Horowitz. Horowitz confronts the paradox of how so many Americans, including the leadership of the Democratic Party, turned against the War on Terror in Iraq, finding an answer in a political Left which shares a view of America as the "Great Satan" in empathy with America's radical Islamic enemies. This Left, which once made common cause with Communists, has now joined forces with radical Islam in attacking America's defenses at home and its policies abroad. From their positions of influence in the university and media culture, leftists have defined America as the "root cause" of the attacks against itself. In a remarkable exploration of the minds and hearts of Leftists, Horowitz traces the evolution of American radicalism from its Communist past to its "anti-war" present. Horowitz is himself a founder of the American New Left movement of the 1960s, former Editor of the leftist Ramparts magazine, and has an insider's view of the major figures of American left-wing. Today he edits the online newsmagazine, FrontPageMag.com. Essential reading to know why the same people who speak favorably about Castro and Ho Chi Minh, who applaud Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky, also defended Yassir Arafat, Saddam Hussein and the Taliban in their genocidal actions, even after multiple Islamic attacks against the American homeland. 296 pp.
$27.95 hardcover. **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* THE DHIMMI: Jews And Christians Under Islam, By Bat Ye'or. To the cry of JIHAD, the Arabs began their conquest of the world in the 7th Century. This was the beginning of an extraordinary epic which brought vast regions of the Orient, Africa and Europe under the rule of Islam. Jews and Christians who refused conversion became dhimmis: "protected peoples". Separating fact from myth in a vast study of their history, Bat Ye'or offers authentic documents from many periods and regions, which will be useful for students and researchers. A full knowledge of Jihad-war, its aims and regulations will provide an indispensable key to contemporary conflicts in the Muslim world, as well as to the wave of current Islamist extremism. This essential book facilitates the study of their ideological roots, often obfuscated. 444 pp. with photos.

* THE DECLINE OF EASTERN CHRISTIANITY UNDER ISLAM: From Jihad To Dhimmitude, By Bat Ye'or. An analysis of the dogma and strategies of jihad, offering a vast panorama of the history of Jews and Christians under the rule of Islam. A pioneer in a virgin field of research for which she coined the word "dhimmitude," the author has included a documentary section illuminating the process of Eastern Christianity's Islamization. In two waves of Islamic expansion, the Christian and Jewish populations of the Mediterranean regions and Mesopotamia, who had developed the most prestigious civilizations, were conquered by jihad. Millions of Christians from Spain, Egypt, Syria, Greece and Armenia; Latins and Slavs from southern and central Europe; as well as Jews, were henceforth governed by Islamic shari'a law. A knowledge of this historical background is essential in order to understand contemporary events. 522 pp. Illustrated.

* ISLAM AND DHIMMITUDE: Where Civilizations Collide, By Bat Ye'or. A study of the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule (the dhimmis). The author examines various religious and historical sources to describe the sometimes slow, sometimes rapid lowering of legal status of non-Muslims in newly conquered Islamic territories, to form the "civilization of dhimmitude". The modern period up until 2000 is broadly covered, including an examination of the revival of jihad ideology and the return of dhimmitude for Christians living under Islamic shari'a law. Describes the struggle of non-Muslims against dhimmitude, and the possibility of a "dhimmitude of the West", maintaining that reconciliation between Judaism, Christianity and Islam cannot succeed without an assessment of jihad and dhimmitude. 528 pp.

* MASTERMINDS OF TERROR: The Truth Behind the Most Devastating Terrorist Attack the World Has Ever Seen, by Yosri Fouda and Nick Fielding. The story behind the headlines: here is the exclusive account--based on the only media interview ever given by the September 11 masterminds--of how Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh plotted al-Qaeda's attacks on America. Among their many revelations: the intended target of United Airlines Flight 93 (US Congress!); the code names used by the hijackers; documents and souvenirs from Atta's Hamburg apartment; e-mail communications between Atta and Binalshibh, and the role both chief conspirators played in the slaying of Daniel Pearl. When Yosri Fouda broadcast part of this information on his monthly news show "Top Secret" on al-Jazeera, he created a sensation. The book comes from those not sympathetic to the USA and shows more empathy for the terrorists than for the victims of terror, which adds to its authenticity. Contains Appendix materials from al-Qaeda and other significant details. 210 pp.
$23.95 hardcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* THE THIRD TERRORIST: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing, By Jayna Davis. Foreword by David Schippers, Chief Counsel of the House Judiciary Committee. In this alarming book, award-winning investigative journalist Davis tells of her personal journey leading from the smoking rubble of the Murrah Federal Building to the sleazy haunts of John Doe #2, the mysterious Middle Eastern suspect who the Justice Department was at first desperate to find -- then insisted never existed. The book introduces us to dozens of eyewitnesses, inside sources, and injured victims standing at ground zero who helped Davis piece together the behind-the-scenes story of Middle East complicity, unheeded warnings, and astonishing cover-ups. Connections to the Iraqi Intelligence Service are documented, in research undertaken well before the first World Trade Center bombing of 1993, and the second attack by hijacked airliners which brought down the Twin Towers in 2004, both of which also have been shown to have Iraqi fingerprints (see the above titles by Mylroie, Fouda and Fielding, and Hayes). 355 pp.

* MILITANT ISLAM REACHES AMERICA, by Daniel Pipes. Major work shedding new light on militant Islam and its threat to the United States. Explains what militant Islam is and stresses the large and crucial difference between Islam, the faith, and militant Islam, the ideology. Explores how Islam has developed in America. Well documented by an Arabic-speaking scholar of Middle Eastern history who is widely dispised by all the fundamentalist Islamo-fascist groups, for his unapologetic exposure of their own words, deeds and motivations. 309 pages.

* THE RAGE AND THE PRIDE, by Oriana Fallaci. Noted Italian journalist Fallaci known for hard-hitting, trenchant social criticism, gives an impassioned post-September 11 critique, which has been a bestseller in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. With The Rage and the Pride, Oriana Fallaci breaks a silence that has lasted for ten years. She breaks it in the wake of the apocalypse that, on the morning of September 11th 2001, not far from her home in Manhattan, the Twin Towers disintegrated and incinerated thousands of people. This edition is enriched by a dramatic preface in which Oriana Fallaci explains how the book was born and, considering the reasons why Islamic terrorism will not end with the defeat of the Taliban in Afghanistan,.this small book has, in the publisher's words, "caused a turmoil not registered in decades" in Italy, France and Spain. pp.
$14.95 hardcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ====>

* ONWARD MUSLIM SOLDIERS: How Jihad Still Threatens America And The West, by ROBERT SPENCER. Islam claims to be a religion of peace and tolerance, yet the fact remains that jihad, or Islamic holy war, is growing faster than ever. Author Spencer reveals exactly why, showing how jihad warriors have penetrated and established themselves in the American homeland and how they are quickly gaining a hold in Europe, spreading values of hatred, violence, and intolerance as they go. Spencer discusses: 1.Why Iraqi democracy will have a tough time no matter how long American troops stay in the country, 2.The unholy alliance of the American and European Left with radical Islam, 3.How Jihad poisons chances for peace in Israel and in other conflicts, 4.The myth of Islamic "tolerance" in history and today, 5.The growing threat of violent jihad, 6.How Muslims are undermining Western Europe's commitment to freedom, 7.Why moderate Muslims have been unable to stop the spread of Islamic violence and intolerance. 256 pp.
$27.95 hardcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ====>

* THE HIDDEN HAND: Middle East Fears of Conspiracy, by Daniel Pipes. a remarkable work of scholarship. Daniel Pipes, the editor of the Middle East Quarterly and a specialist on Arab affairs, has pulled together an enormous body of writing from a broad array of sources--journals, memoirs, speeches, and sermons--to illuminate a salient aspect of Middle Eastern political reality: the pervasive belief in Muslim and Arab society that conspiracies and secret dealings--a "hidden hand"--lie behind much of what happens in the world, and that these explain the relative superiority of Israel and the West. The Hidden Hand contains a rich inventory of similarly wild conspiracies that never were. But it is far more than a compendium of paranoid ideas. It raises, and proceeds to answer, a number of crucial questions. Why are the countries of the Arab world and Iran so prone to this style of thinking? Why do most of the conspiracies in circulation seem to center on the allegedly nefarious doings of Zionists and imperialists? And, finally, do the political leaders who spin such tales of intrigue actually believe in their own spurious words? As Pipes puts it, "conspiracy theories obstruct modernization itself," and prevent the inhabitants of the Muslim world "from achieving the advancement they crave." In this enlightening study, Pipes shows just how deeply the problem lies, and how thorough-going a mental revolution will be required to address it. 404 pp.

* NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: INSIDE 9/11 2-disk DVD. This item is included in our listing for several reasons. Firstly as a tribute to the memory of that awful day, and secondly in the way of providing documentary evidence against the incredibly vicious conspiracy theory which has sprung up in the wake of the 9-11 attacks. This 2-disk dvd sets the record straight on a number of counts, showing some of the incredibly hateful Islamo-fascist speeches and statements in advance of 9-11, showing their clear motivations in religious hatred, and then exposing in real-time those events which instantly refute a hundred conspiracy theories. Inside 9-11 is perhaps the best single documentary DVD available on the subject, and if you were only to get one, this would be recommended. The National Geographic Channel DVD gives a comprehensive overview of the background and day of the attacks, going beyond what is usually reported. With meticulous attention to detail and first-hand accounts, it traces the time line that led up to the deadly attacks and deconstructions the fateful day, tracking the movements of all four terrorist teams and patching together the ad hoc response of government. Includes bonus programs and photo timelines. Approx. 3.5 hrs of material.

* AMERICAN JIHAD: The Terrorists Living Among Us, by Steven Emerson. Investigative journalist Emerson began sounding alarms about organized terror groups within the USA 18 months before 9-11, giving testimony to the US Congress, FBI and CIA, but few took his warnings seriously. Here, Emerson recounts the considerable documentary evidence for America-hatred and Jew-hatred being openly expressed by various Islamic groups headquartered in the USA, as gathered from their own published literature, and from interviews and secret videotapings. Senior terrorists were repeatedly visiting the USA, giving public lectures at Mosques in many cases, using US financial institutions and communications networks to better organize their plans for murderous Jihad. Skeptics who feel this is an exaggeration are invited to review the materials for themself. 261 pp.
$ 25.95 - Hardcover **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>>

* TERRORISTS AMONG US: Jihad in America, Produced by Steven Emerson And The Investigative Project. Originally a PBS documentary which exposed plans for violent Jihad against Americans and Jews, more than a year before the 9-11 attacks. Producer Emerson was accused of "Anti-Arab racism" and incitement after his documentary was shown on PBS, even as death-threats from Islamic fanatics in the USA forced him to go underground and hide his identity and address. The video shows the Islamist fanatics advocating "Jihad" and murder of Americans and Jews, as made during secret videotaped sessions at American Mosques, and at lectures organized by terror-groups posing as "charities" in the USA. Alarming material. Few took his warnings seriously until after 9-11. 60 mins. DVD

* THE PINK SWASTIKA: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, by Scott Lively & Kevin Abrams. The authors tackle the politically-charged question of the homoerotic and homosexual nature of the Third Reich leadership. It is a serious scholarly work exposing a wealth of information on the following basic points: 1) While Hitler's Mein Kampf degraded Jews, Marxists, Negroes, Chinese, Arabs, women, and Eastern Europeans, he had no negative remarks for homosexuality. Instead, Hitler chose actively homosexual men as influential party and youth leaders. 2) The top and centralmost Nazi personalities and groups (SA, SS) which constructed the Third Reich were predominantly macho-types of male homosexuals or bi-sexuals. 3) Rohm and the SA "brownshirt" leaders were all homosexuals, and were killed by Hitler (Night of the Long Knives) and Nazi laws were passed against homosexuality only after their own outrageous open street sex-orgy parties and pedophilia behavior was being roundly criticized in the German press, thereby threatening Hitler's support base among heterosexuals. Policies of concealment thereafter prevailed. 4) Beyond the suppression of the SA, these laws were rarely enforced, and then only when politically helpful to the Nazi cause. 5) Only a few thousand authentically homosexual men (and no lesbians) were condemned to the death-camps by the Nazis. These were nearly always either political enemies of the Third Reich against whom such charges were a convenient excuse to dispose of them, or passive-receptive homosexual "femmes" -- homosexual men of softer feminine qualities -- and whom the macho leather-clad homosexuals always viewed (along with women) with terrible contempt. 6) The attacks against the Sex-Research Institute of the openly-homosexual and flamboyant pedophile Magnus Hirschfeld, was made to seize and burn his extensive files on the homosexual movement and personalities in Wiemar Germany, which included details on the homosexual and pedophile conduct of top Nazi officials. 7) The swaggering macho muscular nature of the SS and SA units, their overt pedophilia, sadist-masochistic sexual predelictions, their sadistc cruelty against heterosexuals, women, and other cultures not sharing their pathology, is detailed. The authors also chastize modern homosexual activist groups, and homo-sympathetic historians, for widespread distortion of these facts, which are abused to create the false image of homosexuals as "victims" of the Third Reich, comparable to the genocidal attacks against Jews, Gypsies, or Slavs. Their role inside the Third Reich, as partial architects of the Final Solution and other reprehensible Nazi policies, is nearly always never mentioned. Out of this comes a brand of aggressive if not fascist "political correctness" which labels any criticism of organized homosexual or bi-sexual conduct -- even as outrageously pathological as in the "gay" bath-houses, or as seen in things like the Fulsom Street Festival in San Francisco, or the various "Gay Pride" parades, or as advocated by criminal groups like NAMBLA -- as "hate speech", or even "hate crimes". The book caused a furious reaction within the homosexual activist groups of the West, but no serious scholarly rebuttals. It becomes all the more important for modern times when one considers the widespread sexual pathos within Saharasian cultures, in the Muslim world, where pedophilia and macho-male homosexuality is predominant (though never defined as "homosexuality"), even while softer "femme" homosexuals (and women) can be legally murdered for their independent sexual expression. Some Criticism: The book's authors are admittedly writing from a Judeo-Christian perspective, and this colors some of their conclusions. They expose the Nazi efforts to construct a "neo-Pagan" religion based upon Germanic tribal folklore and the personality of Adolf Hitler, but there is no clarity about the Christian war and butchery against pre-Christian peoples, or the oftentimes more peaceful character of claimed "pagan" cultures. One also gets the false impression that there was little Christian heterosexual participation in the ascent to Nazi power or in the hatred of Jews, which certainly is not the case. Christian heterosexuals flocked to support Hitler, even if the Nazi leadership was mostly homosexual. Pro-Nazi sentiment and Jew-hatred was being preached, along with anti-heterosexual moralism (out of which comes a lot of disturbed sexual behavior), across Germany for generations before the Nazis appeared on the scene. The Kaiser's war-mongering and Jew-hatred also had similar Christian roots. One only has to review the findings in The Popes Against the Jews for documentation on that issue (see the History section), which Christian leaders today have regularly ignored. If one can say that only a few thousand homosexuals died in the death-camps, it is also equally true, that only a few thousand German Christian leaders dared to stand up to the Third Reich, against their larger war-making and "uebermench" agendas, often paying for it with their lives. Revised 4th Edition 2002, 387 pp.

Also recommended, this free download by Dr. Reisman, on "The Pink Swastika", a summary article on the "macho" homosexual leadership of the Nazi Party. (PDF Download)

* KINSEY, SEX AND FRAUD: The Indoctrination of a People, by Judith Reisman & Edward Eichel, et al. Kinsey recruited homosexuals and peodphiles into his Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University, had children molested and raped by them, and used data from criminal populations for making generalized claims about the healthier American society which did not reflect such toxic conditions. So are the conclusions of Reisman, who demolishes Kinsey's edifice of "scientific study of sexuality" brick by brick. Her criticisms are cogent and rational, relying upon Kinsey's own data and other reliable source material. For daring to make these challenges, she has been vilified, notably due to her Christian background... but who else but Christian parents are today opposing the pedophile agendas in any meaningful manner? Eichel's contribution is to expose what he was forced to study while getting credentials from a sex-therapy counselling program at a "top" university -- the professors brought pedophiles into the classroom from the Netherlands, to boast about their seductions and rapes of children, which were "normalized" by the professors. Homoerotic concepts were promoted over natural heterosexuality, and Eichel was basically told to "shut up" when protesting against the pedophiles. With contributions by other physicians, the book reveals a terrible hatred of natural heterosexuality by Kinsey and his followers, something which has since spread even more widely into professional and academic circles. 242 pp.

* KINSEY, CRIMES AND CONSEQUENCES, by Judith Reisman. In 1948, the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University was led by eugenicist Alfred C. Kinsey, whose sex research helped to launch the 1960s Sexual Revolution. Fifty years later new revelations confirm Reisman's 1981 expose of the scientific fraud and criminally-derived data contained in the publicly funded Kinsey Reports. Reisman revealed that Kinsey conducted human experiments in a soundproof laboratory built to his specifications, and that the sexual abuse of at least 317 infants and young boys was a "scientific" protocol for Kinsey's 1948 report. Reisman describes the ongoing consequences to the American people and the world based on Kinsey's deliberately skewed research. Kinsey died in 1956 but his Institute endures today. A companion book to the above title "Kinsey, Sex and Fraud" providing more of the stunningly repellent details. 342pp.


* CHRIST IN EGYPT: The Horus-Jesus Connection, by D.M. Murdock (Acharya S.): Drawing from ancient Egyptian texts in an assortment of translations among with the original language, as well as modern research, the author puts together a wide assortment of documentation indicating many of our most cherished religious beliefs and concepts did not appear suddenly out of the blue, but have long histories in numerous cultures from around the globe, including and especially within ancient Egypt -- which dominated the ancient Hebrew slaves over generations, and provided them with the basis for much of their own conceptual mythos. 431 pp.

* THE CHRIST CONSPIRACY: The Greatest Story Ever Sold, by Acharya S. Contrary to popular belief, there was no single man at the genesis of Christianity, but many characters rolled into one. The majority of these characters were personifications of the ubiquitous solar myth, whose adventures were well known, as reflected in the stories of such popular deities as Mithra, Hercules, Dionysus and many others throughout the Roman Empire and beyond. In reality, the story of Jesus as portrayed in the Gospels is nearly identical to that of the earlier savoir-gods Krishna and Horus. These redeemer tales are similar not because they reflect actual exploits of a variety of men who did and said identical things, but because they represent the same extremely ancient core of knowledge that revolved around the celestial bodies and natural forces. 431 pp.

* SUNS OF GOD: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled, by Acharya S. Picks up where The Christ Conspiracy leaves off, Suns of God is an electrifying exploration of the origins and meanings of the world's religions and popular gods. Over the past several centuries, the Big Three spiritual leaders have been the Lords Christ, Krishna and Buddha, whose stories and teaching are curiously and confoundingly similar to each other. The tale of a miraculously born redeemer who overcomes herpic challenges, teaches ethics and morality, performs marvels and wonders, acquires disciples and is famed far and wide, to be persecuted, killed and reborn, is not unique, but a global phenomenon recurring in a wide variety of cultures long before the Christian era. 595 pp.

* PSYCHIC DICTATORSHIP IN AMERICA, by Gerald B. Bryan. The history and psychological study of one of America's most astounding cults, the "Saint Germain" or "I AM" movement, that turns American ideals of freedom and independence into a slavish obedience to invisible, so-called "Ascended Masters" and their self-proclaimed "Accredited Messengers". Founded in the 1930s, the cult is still very active today and continues to recruit followers in the US and Europe. The author, a former member of the cult, reveals the fascist roots of the organization; the questionable background of the founder, Guy Ballard; sources of plagiarized work; how money is extracted from the followers; decrees of hatred and death against perceived enemies; and more. A candid, engaging book, filled with detail. 211 pp.
$ 15.95 Softcover ** NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON =====>
Click Here for a Rough-Typeset Copy of this book, as a free PDF download (2MB).


* THE CONTENT OF OUR CHARACTER, by SHELBY STEELE. A penetrating analysis of white and black racism in America. The author uncovers the many emotional factors that lie under the political posturing and social distrust: issues of vulnerability that are never openly discussed. He also reveals the psychological damage that affirmative action programs have created and the need to reevaluate their functions. He concludes with a call for the re-establishment of personal responsibility. 175 pp.
$15.95 Hardbound ** NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON =====>

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