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* HERETIC'S NOTEBOOK: EMOTIONS, PROTOCELLS, ETHER-DRIFT AND COSMIC LIFE ENERGY, edited by James DeMeo. Contains several articles on the questions of the cosmological ether and ether-drift: "Dayton Miller's Ether-Drift Experimetns: A Fresh Look" by James DeMeo, "The Experiments of Dayton Miller and the Theory of Relativity" by Nobel Prize winner Maurice Allais, and "Reconciling Miller's Ether-Drift with Reich's Dynamic Orgone", by James DeMeo. These three articles say more about the question of ether and ether-drift than hundreds of mainstream misrepresentations as found on the subject. Michelson-Morley never got a "null" result, and Einstein was exceedingly worried that Miller's work was correct -- and it was! The articles reveal a lost chapter in the history of science, how Miller was prematurely and wrongly discarded, later to have a malicious post-mortem carried out against his findings after he was dead, and could no longer defend himself. With many diagrams and photos from historical archives, and presentations of new data heretofore unavailable. Other fascinating articles also in this volume, on a wide range of subjects related to Reich's controversial discoveries. One of the best and most comprehensive summaries of new research findings, flowing from Reich's discoveries of over 50 years ago, available today. 272 pp.
$23.95 Softcover

* INTRINSIC REDSHIFT - DVD, Lecture by Halton Arp, PhD. Dr. Arp is one of the best-known critics of the use of galactic-light "red-shifts" as indicators of cosmological distance. And hence, this puts him on a collision course with advocates of Big Bang theory, and many other theories. One of the "founding fathers" of American astronomy, his books and papers have constantly challenged orthodoxy on a number of levels. His observations of high-redshift and low-redshift galaxies in close proximity, and his Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies have been treated like "dirty pictures" by the astronomical community, which resorted to censorship and silencing of his ideas. If cosmology or astronomy is your interest, you'll want to view this one... or give it to the budding astronomer in your family. This lecture was given at the Kronia/Mikamar Conference in Portland, Oregon in 2005. DVD 60-min.
$ 19.95 DVD disk in plastic case, region 1 coding (North America). ONE COPY REMAINING

* THE ELECTRIC SKY: A Challenge to the Myths of Modern Astronomy, by Donald E. Scott. An enunciation of the plasma electrical theory to explain solar physics and many of our solar systems mysteries. Taking from the work of Hannes Alfven and others in the field of plasma research, the author builds the case for electrically charged plasma as a formative factor of even greater importance than gravitation. Excellent. 248 pp. illustrated with color plates.

* THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE: A New View of Earth, the Sun and the Heavens, by Wallace Thornhill & David Talbott. The last 150 years have seen immense progress in the understanding of electrical phenomena. Nevertheless, the conventional cosmology taught today remains essentially a theory of gravity. This book presents an alternative theory that recognizes electrical forces as the dominant influence in shaping the universe, and a major factor in determining much of our cultural and historical experience. Based upon well-understood principles that can be observed and demonstrated in any plasma laboratory, the electrical model also offers ready explanations for processes that continue to puzzle astronomers today. Compelling, highly readable and superbly illustrated, a comprehensive introduction. 122 pp. illustrated with color plates.

* THUNDERBOLTS OF THE GODS: A Radical Reinterpretation of Human History and the Evolution of the Solar System, BOOK + DVD, by David Talbott & Wallace Thornhill. A powerful documentary presentation, in both book and stunning video, arguing for the predominant role of electrical plasmas in space as a force shaping the universe. Reviews diverse evidence from planetery and galactic astronomy, from nebulae and galactic behavior to planetary scarring, making the argument and refuting the dominant paradigm. An engaging and powerful introduction to all the various aspects of what is posed to become the dominant world-view for astrophysics and cosmology in the near future. 108 pp. Oversize. Richly illustrated in color with 1-hour DVD insert.

* THE ELECTRIC SUN and PLANETARY ELECTRICAL SCARRING, DVD, Lectures by Don Scott and Wal Thornhill, from a Conference on "Our Violent Solar System" held in Portland Oregon, September 2000. 77 min. total, lectures by professional scientists with illustrations. In hardshell DVD case with color cover.
$19.95 DVD Region 1 in hardshell plastic case

* UNIVERSE: The Cosmology Quest DVD SET Produced by Randall Meyers. A two-disc DVD set, feature-length presentation presenting a unique mixture of human interest and science documentary film. As the first comprehensive documentary to deal with major new approaches in non-big-bang cosmologies, it reveals several deep-rooted theoretical and observational controversies. Facts well-hidden from university students and the general public are revealed, with clarity and conviction, which threaten a down-fall of the presiding big-bang theory. The story is told by 16 world renown astronomers and cosmologists such as the legendary Sir Fred Hoyle, the controversial Geoffrey Burbidge and Halton Arp, and by philosopher and telescope designer John Dobson, and Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis. Contains nearly 3.5 hours of film and extra interviews, illustrated with 3D animations and a lush symphonic soundtrack - a scientific and historical "must" for anyone interested in astronomy and cosmology.
$19.95 PAL-European DVD SET, Sale Price - Region 2 Version Only Available from us. If you want the North American Region 1 version, use the Amazon link at right ====>>

* THE ETHER OF SPACE, BY SIR OLIVER LODGE. Reprint of a classic work on ether-physics, from 1909, by a top scientist of the day who argued FOR the existence of the cosmological ether of space. Chapters discussing the Luminiferous Ether, Interstellar Ether as a Connecting Medium, Ethereal Viscosity and Density, Ether and Matter, on Stellar Abberation, with many illustration, including of Lodge's "ether machine". "Investigation of the nature and properties of the Ether of Space has long been for me the most fascinating branch of Physics, and I welcome the opportunity of attempting to make generally known the conclusions to which I have so far been led on this great and perhaps inexhaustible subject." - Sir Oliver Lodge. 168 pp.
$ 19.95 Softbound

* ETHER AND REALITY: A Series of Discourses on the Many Functions of the Ether of Space, BY SIR OLIVER LODGE. Companion volume to the authors work ETHER OF SPACE (above), this high-quality bound reprint of a 1925 work goes into more philosophical realms, where the author brings together both physical experimental facts with his speculations on subjects such as Ether and its Vibrations, Ether as a Transmitter of Force, Action at a Distance, Electricity and its Action Across Space, Magnetism and Electromagnetism, Matter as one of the Forms of Ether Energy, Life and Mind and their Use of the Ether, and The Ultimate Physical Reality. "...the ether is dealt with not as a rarefied essence, but as a substance with ascertainable physical properties..." 179 pp.
$ 29.95 Softbound ==>>SOLD OUT, Try Amazon ===>>

* OPEN QUESTIONS IN RELATIVISTIC PHYSICS, Edited by Franco Selleri. A collection of 38 papers contributed to the Proceedings of an international conference on Relativistic Physics in Athens, Greece in 1998. These are the papers which challenge relativity theory, at least in part. While the book does not include any papers which completely abandon relativity, they at least attempt to address some of the more blatant contradictory observations and illogical assumptions implicit within relativity. The book has primary value for its open discussion of many researchers who proved the existence of an aether in space, such as G. Sagnac. Fully cited & indexed. 375 pp. Import.
$19.95 Paperbound.

* THE BIG BANG NEVER HAPPENED: A Startling Refutation of the Dominant Theory of the Origin of the Universe, by ERIC J. LERNER. Holes are blasted into the fabric of the mystical "big bang" theory, which is shown to be most popular during socially repressive times. A comprehensive and insightful overview of the history of science. The Cosmic Plasma theory of Alfven (similar to Reich's Cosmic Orgone) is offered as a rational alternative. 466 pp.
$16.95 Softbound **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> -->>

* POLAR ELECTRICAL THEORY of the AURORA BOREALIS-AUSTRALIS and TERRESTRIAL MAGNETISM, by N. V. HENDRICKS. Astute observations and theory about the nature of the aurora. Written in 1945, it contains an eyewitness account of the aurora at ground level, a rare but often-reported aspect of the aurora which refutes the dominant "ionization" theory. 43 pp.
$ 3.95 PDF Download. A download link will be emailed to you after purchase.

* THE ETHER-DRIFT EXPERIMENT AND THE DETERMINATION OF THE ABSOLUTE MOTION OF THE EARTH, by DAYTON MILLER; Reprint of a classic 1933 article by the man who conclusively proved that a dynamic ether or energy existed in space. He was the student of Michelson & Morley who observed the faulty and inconclusive manner in which they conducted their experiment. He then went on to spend the next 40 years using better equipment and techniques to demonstrate the existence of the ether. 41 pp.
Free PDF download available from this webpage - look for "1933 Miller":

A collection of the original historical research papers on the subject of the cosmological ether and ether-drift, dating back to 1887, as described at the OBRL "Energy in Space" webpage: http://www.orgonelab.org/energyinspace.htm

* QUASARS, REDSHIFTS & CONTROVERSIES, by HALTON ARP; A detailed review of unexplained observations which confound current theories of astronomy; focuses on the controversial redshift theory. Arp made astrophotos which refuted the concept of the cosmological redshift of galactic and starlight as an indicator of distance, thereby undermining the central foundation of the Big Bang Theory. To stop his upsetting work, Arp was denied further use of American telescopes. He now works in Germany.

* SEEING RED: Redshifts, Cosmology and Academic Science, by Halton Arp By the "Dean of American Astrophysics" who is currently living and working in exile at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Munich, Germany. Arp deeply offended his American associates by failing to "fall into line" about the Big-Bang theory (the "New Creationism") for the origins of the universe. In this book, Arp recounts the evidence proving that extragalactic redshifts are not caused by universal expansion. He gives an empirical view of the birth and evolution of quasars and galaxies, recounts crucial observations long ignored and suppressed, and shows how modern academic science has failed in its ideals and potentials. 306 pp. illustrated with color plates. Import.
$27.95 Paperbound **NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US. TRY AMAZON ===>> -->>

* BYE BYE BIG BANG: Hello Reality, by WILLIAM C. MITCHELL. A follow-up to a prior work by the same author (above) with much new material. Gain an understanding of Big Bang Theory in a few short chapters. Learn about its many flaws, and why you shouldn't believe a word of it. Then learn the true story of cosmology based upon facts and logic. A relativistically-expanding big bang universe denies the possibility of the accretion of matter required for the formation of new galaxies. Nevertheless, astronomical observations of recent years show that new galaxies have been forming for many billions of years. Astronomical observations also show existing galaxies are spewing enormous amounts of matter and energy into intergalactic space, providing evidence of their gradual death -- that same matter and energy combines with the hydrogen which pervades all space in the continuous formation of new galaxies in swirling clouds of "gas and dust". These intriguing features reveal an ancient, ever-recycling, non-expanding universe. 446 pp.

* FULL MOON, by Michael Light. Large-format book of photos of the Apollo space program, unlike most others, with stark photos and panoramic fold-outs which give one of the best emotional impressions of the lunar landings. From the alive and blue earth, to the cold wasteland of the moon, the technical hardware and personal isolation of the astronauts. This fabulous book also contains the original image of the astronaut with blue life-energy field walking on the lunar surface, and numerous space scenes which document the enigmatic diminution of starlight in outer space. ~200 pp with 57 black-and-white and 72 full-color photographs.

* CHALLENGING MODERN PHYSICS: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories, by Al Kelly. Newton's Laws held for 300 years until Einstein developed the 'special theory of relativity' in 1905. Experiments done since then show anomalies in that theory. This book starts with a description of the special theory of relativity. It is shown that Einstein was not the first to derive the famous equation E=mc2, which has become synonymous with his name. Next, experimental evidence that cannot be explained by special relativity is given. In the light of this evidence, the two basic postulates of the special theory of relativity on the behavior of light are shown to be untenable. The author proceeds to develop his own theory as an alternative. Even if one does not accept this new theory, it is yet another glimpse into some of the flaws and contradictions of Einstein's relativity. 309 pp.


* ALTERNATIVE SCIENCE, Challenging the Myths of the Scientific Establishment, by RICHARD MILTON. (Previously titled "Forbidden Science") Exposes the myth of "dispassionate scientific rationalism" as expoused by a modern academic world which, in reality, has become a new quasi-religious force and opposes by political means any finding which is too unsettling. "Official Science" unfairly and irrationally banishes many new fields of research into the world of superstition, and everywhere scientists lose their jobs, funding, and respect for merely conducting research in "forbidden" areas. In reviewing the scientific frontier, the author makes clear what the scientific establishment has taken such pains to deny: a growing body of hard experimental evidence to support cold fusion, telepathy, psychokinesis, bioenergy, alternative medicine, and other areas of "forbidden science". 264 pp.

* CONFRONTING THE EXPERTS, edited by BRIAN MARTIN. A series of articles written by people who have gone up against "experts", from civil engineers, surgeons, lawyers, economists, etc. The authors tell of their motivations, methods, successes and failures. Exceptional insight into how to challenge the experts. 204 pp.
$ 16.95 Softcover

* THE GREAT BETRAYAL: Fraud In Science, by HORACE FREELAND JUDSON. Like so many other institutions, science is riddled with fraud. As the cases pile up -- dozens in the last quarter century -- we can no longer shrug off fraud in science as the malfeasance of aberrant individual scientists. Instead the cause and cure for this epidemic is found in the structures and cultures of scientific institutions. The author details various types of scientific fraud and how they happen, makes a critique of scientific self-government and peer-review, and exposes the failures of academic, legal and governmental responses. He points to how the movement towards Internet publication of papers offers remarkable new checks on fraud. More than an expose, this work dissects the scientific body to offer an anatomy of scientific fraud. 463 pp.

* THE GOLEM: What You Should Know About Science (second edition), by Harry Collins and Trevor Pinch. The authors liken science to the Golem, a creature from Jewish mythology, powerful yet potentially dangerous, a gentle, helpful creature that may yet run amok at any moment. Case studies debunking Einstein's relativity, resurrecting aether theory, challenging solar neutrino claims, supporting spontaneous generation ideas, and others, created an uproar in the halls of academic science. A must read for the science-critic, and absolutely essential for the typical head-in-the-sand devotee to orthodox physics. 192 pp.

* ETHICAL PROBE ON EINSTEIN'S FOLLOWERS IN THE USA: (IL Grande Grido) An Insider's View, by RUGGERO M. SANTILLI. A powerful indictment, with names named, of the power-brokers and back-stabbers of modern physics, who crush new findings which would undermine mega-buck funding of the older theories. Includes recommendations for reform of the sciences. 358 pp.

* THE NEW INQUISITION, Irrational Rationalism and the Citadel of Science, by ROBERT ANTON WILSON. A scathing chronicle of the repression and intimidation that is commonplace in the scientific community today. Upon dissecting the facts of scientific intolerance, especially in the activities of CSICOP, he uncovers what he calls "Fundamentalist Materialism", (his opposition is to the "fundamentalist"). Contains section on Reich's persecution by U.S. govt. 240 pp.

* STEPHEN J. GOULD and IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY: Essays in the Continuing Velikovsky Affair, by CHARLES GINENTHAL, et al. Documents the lies, deceptions, dirty tricks and unethical actions by Gould, Henry Bauer, Isaac Asimov, the AAAS, and others in their attempts to smear Velikovsky, and prematurely bury his work. A companion to the book Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky, and required reading if you believe Velikovsky's work was adequately refuted by his establishment critics. Full index, comprehensive bibliography. 800+ pp.

* IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY: The Truth Behind the Torment, by Ruth Velikovsky. Starting in the 1960s, Immanuel Velikovsky wrote more than a dozen books which shook the Earth sciences and history to their core. He gathered a tremendous body of evidence indicating Earth and other planets of the Solar System had been subject to major astrophysical catastrophes, some within historical times. Many human myths, he argued, were the product of eye-witness recounting of amazing astronomical events in the sky, which people could hardly understand. These events triggered catastrophes on the Earth in the nature of massive earthquakes, tidal waves and hurricanes, all of which were ascribed to "godly actions". His first book "Worlds in Collision" described the Comet Venus, expelled from Jupiter, which then had near-pass collisions with Earth, the Moon and Mars. It was hotly attacked, and academics lost their jobs for daring to express sympathy for the ideas. His second book "Earth in Upheaval" recounted the evidence for these catastrophes in the "stones and bones" of archaeology and geology. Other books correcting what he viewed as errors in ancient historical chronology also were published, but today one can rarely find him cited anywhere, except in derision. In this book, his daughter recounts the epic struggles and conflicts, and how they affected her father and family. 176 pp.


* MARGINS OF REALITY: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World, by ROBERT JAHN & BRENDA DUNNE. In a pioneering work sure to spark intense controversy, two researchers draw on a decade of experimentation by their Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research program to challenge the currently accepted rift between physics and metaphysics. Their provocative finding: the interaction of human consciousness with physical devices, information-gathering processes, and technological systems can produce results significantly different from what would be expected on the basis of known scientific principles. The technical, personal and social implications of this revolutionary work are staggering. Nothing less than a fundamental reevaluation, based on hard experimental data, of the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality. It is an invitation to expand our way of thinking about the world, ourselves, and our interactions. 415 pp.

* THE PEAR PROPOSITION, DVD from the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Group. Scientific Study of Consciousness-Related Physical Phenomenon. For more than a quarter century, the PEAR Laboratory has pursued this challenging question via rigorously controlled experiments in human/machine interaction and remote perception. Their research has shown that human consciousness can influence simple devices and acquire information by other than recognized sensory means. .
$ 19.95 DVD in hardshell case. Region Code 1 (NTSC - North America)

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