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All entries listed alphabetically. Internet links provided where available.
This page under continual development -- Suggestions for additions are welcomed.

For all the email addresses given below, be sure to insert the "@" symbol, which has been removed for spam-reduction.

Note on this Resource Listing:

I try to keep this Resource listing up to date, but people change emails, addresses and websites, so we cannot easily keep up with all of that. If you find a dead weblink, kindly let us know, and try a standard internet search.

Also beware of raw searches of internet for information on Reich and Orgonomy, as well as "Wikipedia", which is dominated by leftist revisionists of Reich's work, as well as associated "Skeptic Club" members. For example, my own various research papers in scientific journals which affirm Reich's experiments, and my books, are always systematically erased by the anonymous Wiki scribblers who dominate their pages. See these:


There also is a distressing tendency for some individuals and groups to progressively distort Reich's findings over the years, "correcting" Reich according to "Politically Correct" ideas that flow from the "anything goes / genderism" ideas of Alfred Kinsey, which are antithetical to those of Reich (see my book In Defense of Wilhelm Reich), or upon the socially-destructive and genocidal ideas of Karl Marx (see my article on the "Marx Engels Genocide Quotes"). In so doing, they have discredited themsleves as authentic representatives of Reich's science and therapy methods, even if they belong to an "orgonomic society", or publicly misrepresent themselves as staying "close to Reich", as if using orgonomic terms made it so.

Also, sometimes as people age, they progressively draw back from Reich's vital findings into dark mysticism or "spirituality" ideas, discarding or distorting Reich's clinical findings on genitality and mystifying the orgone energy, trying to drag him down into their quagmire. There are several cases of this, where one-time serious natural scientists and physicians who stayed very close to Reich, in old age, deviated significantly and began espousing rather alarming philosophies of spiritualism and guru-ism. I cannot always know this, and so a given entry into our list may have "aged" beyond the original rational reasons for inclusion. I ask the reader to let us know if they find any of our listings going in those distorted directions. Also if there are good people following Reich closely, making a life-positive benefit, and wish to get on this resource list, I'd be happy to review their materials and add them in.

Thank you.
James DeMeo, PhD
Director, OBRL


(Organized mostly alphabetically, abbreviated listings,
only includes those we personally know.
Be sure to replace the "(at)" with an "@" symbol in your email.)


* The Wilhelm Reich Museum and Trust, Museum Bookstore
- Preserves Wilhelm Reich's home and laboratory (called Orgonon) for public viewing and tours. Publishes a Newsletter for members. Sales of photocopy editions of various out-of-print books , journals and pamphlets by Wilhelm Reich. Occasional seminars and workshops. Home of the Wilhelm Reich Archives and Infant Trust Fund.
PO Box 687, Rangeley, ME 04970 USA
Telephone 207/ 864-3443
Email: wreich (at) rangeley.org

* The American College of Orgonomy and Journal of Orgonomy
Peter Christ, M.D., Robert Harman, M.D., Charles Konia, M.D., and others.
- Active program of orgonomic biological and physical research. Provides orgone therapy and training for orgone therapists. Research journal.
PO Box 490, Princeton, NJ 08542 USA
Telephone 908/ 821-1144.

* James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, Greensprings Research and Educational Center, and Pulse of the Planet journal.
- Active program of orgone biophysical research, Desert Greening and Drought Abatement programs using Reich's methods, public/professional educational seminars, book sales and publications, and research journal.
Ashland, Oregon, USA.
Email: info (at) orgonelab.org

* Tom DiFerdinando, New York City (Orgonomic pain and injury therapy)

* Mary Lou MacIlvane, Ph.D., San Diego, California http://www.emotionalcontact.com

* Michael Miskin, M.Sc., North Vancouver, BC, Canada, Phone: (604) 985-3750, http://reichiantherapy.bc.ca

* Arthur Nelson, M.D., New York City (212-645-7742) and Bergen County, New Jersey (201-886-8298).

* Orgonics' Life Energy Products
- Construction and sales of high-quality orgone energy accumulators and blankets, following the original designs and protocols of Wilhelm Reich.
Orgonics will ship orgone accumulators and blankets internationally. Email: orgonics (at) aol.com

* Daniel Schiff, Ph.D.
Center for Orgonomic Studies
- Clinical practice in orgone therapy. Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon
Telephone/Fax: 360/ 693-1718 (Vancouver), 503 290-4655 (Portland).
Email: dschiff (at) dschiffphd.com

* Selma Stoll, M.D., Los Angeles, California: 818-348-5884.

* Judyth Weaver, Ph.D., Mill Valley, California: 415/ 388-3151.


* Orgonics' Life Energy Products
- Construction and sales of high-quality orgone energy accumulators and blankets, following the original designs and protocols of Wilhelm Reich.
Orgonics will ship orgone accumulators and blankets internationally. Email: orgonics (at) aol.com

* Orgone Accumulator Construction in Europe, by Josef Pommer Located in Munich, Germany. http://www.pommer-schreinerei.de
Contact through jp (at) pommer-schreinerei.de (German-language only.) Or klausheimann (at) gmail.com (German or English).


* Giuseppe Cammarella, M.D.
Sciences Orgonomiques (research journal)
Private practice devoted to orgonomic therapy
Nice, France, Tel/Fax: 04 93 89 31 39
Email: orgonomie1 (at) yahoo.com

* Klaus Heimann
Private practice in orgonomic therapy
Southern France and Munich, Tel: 033 561 059 270
Email: klausheimann (at) gmail.com

* Association pour la connaissance de l'orgone
Information and Resources in French

* Orgonium
French Language Discussion Group on Reich & Orgonomy


* Dr. Thomas Harms
Zentrum Für Primäre Prävention und Körperpsychotherapie

* Klaus Heimann
Private practice in orgonomic therapy
Southern France and Munich, Tel: 033 561 059 270
Email: klausheimann (at) gmail.com

* Dr. Jorgos Kavouras
Private Practice, Orgone Accumulator Therapy
Pödeldorf, On-line Interview
Email: jorgosorgonbox (at) gmx.de

* Bernd A. Laska
LSR: Wilhelm Reich im LSR-Projekt, und Wilhelm Reich Blätter
Telefon 0911-401661
Email: lsr-verlag (at) lsr-projekt.de * Dr. Vittorio Nikola
Private Practice in Orgone Therapy, Hamburg Email:
vittorio.nicola (at) tin.it

* Marc Rackelmann www.koerperpsychotherapie-berlin.de

* Prof. Dr. Bernd Senf
Vortragsreihe Wilhelm Reich FHW Berlin
Email: info (at) berndsenf.de

* Emotion (research journal)
Available through the Wilhelm Reich Gesselschaft (see below).

* Wilhelm Reich Gesellschaft Berlin.
Forum zur Lebensenergieforschung in Deutschlandund seit 1987 tätig.


* Hellenic Orgonomic Association and Greek Journal of Orgonomy
Email: hao (at) netfiles.gr

* Scientific orgonomy website of Nassos Teopoulos, MD
Email: contact (at) wilhelmreich.gr


* Associazione Italiana di Orgonomia (Italian Association for Orgonomy)
A network for those in Italy interested in Reich and Orgonomy. Hosts occasional conferences.
Email: Francesco Zito

* Dr. Vittorio Nicola
Private orgonomic therapy practice
Email: lnndni (at) tin.it

* Dr. Armando Vecchietti
Cancer research following Reich's methods
Email: arvec (at) libero.it


* Center for Bioenergy and Bioenergy (research journal)
Fumiko Kuninaga, Editor
3-27-5 Kodatsuno, Kanazawa, 920, Japan


* Carles Frigola, M.D.
Fundacion Wilhelm Reich, Clinica de Medicina Orgonomica, and Revista de Ciencias Orgonomicas
Figueres (Gerona) Spain, Tel. 972 506 291
Email: cfrigola (at) comg.es


* Peter Jones
Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education
Education, publications, research
Email: pffj (at) supanet.com


* Summerhill School
Leiston, Suffolk, IP16 4HY United Kingdom. Telephone 0728/ 830-540
- Democratically operated school founded by A.S. Neill, educator and pioneer on self-regulation for children. Publishes Friends of the Summerhill Trust Journal.

* Gentle Bio-Energetics
Richard Overly, Organizer
Presents materials on Eva Reich's Gentle Bioenergetics and Baby Massage methods.

(North America)

* Natural Energy Works
PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA.
Tel/Fax: 541/ 552-0118 -- Email to: info (at) orgonelab.org
- Mail-Order Bookstore of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. Sales of books on orgonomy, by Wilhelm Reich, Eva Reich, James DeMeo, Myron Sharaf, and others. Books on related topics, unusual energy discoveries, science controversies, natural healing methods, childbirth/midwifery topics, as well as various products and research instruments related to the topics of orgone (life) energy resesarch, plus low-level electromagnetic and nuclear radiation (electro-smog) measuring devices. NEW offers many otherwise impossible-to-find titles and products. The NEW Catalog is today only available on-line at this web site: www.orgonelab.org/naturalenergy.

* Orgonics' Life Energy Products
Tel: 707/ 769-0864 -- Email to: Orgonics (at) aol.com
- Manufacture and Sales of quality orgone energy accumulators, blankets, and other devices. From full-sized 3-ply and 5-ply orgone accumulators, to smaller charger-boxes and orgone blankets. Catalog available online at the above weblink.

Click here for more information on SAHARASIA             Click here for our Online Books & Products Page
    saharasia.org                           naturalenergyworks.net

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Ashland, Oregon, USA
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