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The Lou Hochberg Awards
On Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries

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Special Announcements

The Orgone Biophysical Research Lab is pleased to announce

The Lou Hochberg Awards

For Completed and Accepted
University Theses and Dissertations,
or Course-Work Essays


For Outstanding Research and Journalism (New Category)

1. All Submissions Must be Topically Focused Upon the Social and/or Experimental Orgone-Biophysical Aspects of Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries.

2. Awards are made on the basis of accuracy, clarity and merit, as determined by our judges.

3. Submissions can be made at any time of year, but have already cleared approvals and acceptance as a departmental thesis or dissertation, or as an essay submission as part of the standard academic coursework.

4. For independent research or general article submissions, they must have already been published, or be in-press with identifications.

5. Submissions must follow standard methods of attribution with full citations, and a listing all consulted sources, following rules of good scholarship.

Louis Hochberg, M.S.W., was a social worker with a life-long dedication to Wilhelm Reich's discoveries. He established the Hochberg Awards through the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab in 1997, shortly before his death. OBRL continues with the Hochberg Awards into the New Century, with programs providing cash awards and recognition to College and University students in several categories, and to published authors and journalists, for research and open-theme essays which are topically focused upon Wilhelm Reich's sociological and/or experimental biophysical orgone energy (or life-energy) discoveries. The Awards are open to students and journalists world-wide, but must be submitted in the English language. There are several different catagories for students, and one new catagory (described below) recently opened up to both students and non-students alike, for the publication of accurate articles in popular media (newspapers, magazines) or academic journals.

* Thesis and Dissertation Awards: An Award of up to $1000 will be given to the best accepted and approved University level Thesis or Dissertation addressing Wilhelm Reich's findings and discoveries. Submissions should be made as one good-quality photocopy plus a separate PDF version, and may be sent anytime during the year, but must already be formally accepted by the student's home department. A copy of the student's transcripts (or Department letter) indicating acceptance of the Thesis/Dissertation must also be supplied. This award is made only once each year, approximately two months after December 31st. Submissions can be made within two years of acceptance.

* University/College Essay Awards: An Award of up to $500 will be given for the best University/College level student research paper, addressing Wilhelm Reich's findings and discoveries. Maximum length of 50 pages. Submissions should be made as one good-quality photocopy plus a separate PDF version. Award winners will be notified approximately two months after submissions.

* For All Student Award Competitions written proof of student status must be provided, with full address, telephone, e-mail and so forth. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges whose decision will be final.

* Specific topics are open, up to the student's own choice and interests, but must directly and specifically address Wilhelm Reich's considerable sociological or experimental-biophysical discoveries as the major theme. (Click here for a list of suggested topics) Clarity is an important factor, along with factual representations of Reich's works, with relevant critique.

* It is expected that the student will already know about the many slanders and misinformation articles and books which have attacked Reich's research and biography, and hence be able to navigate to the factual core with clarity and accuracy.

A recommended bibliography on Reich's works, with a listing of previously accepted university dissertations and theses (these may be helpful to assist in accepting your own ideas), is available by clicking here.

NEW CATEGORY: For Outstanding Research and Journalism, appearing in Popular or Academic Publications
This new category of the Hochberg Awards is designed to encourage research and writing on Wilhelm Reich's discoveries, with subsequent publication of accurate articles in the popular press and/or academic journals. This Hochberg Award is open to any article focused upon Reich's sociological and natural scientific discoveries which is published in either a regional and/or national publication (newspaper, magazine, journal). As with the student essays, accuracy and clarity are central factors, as well as new findings on the subject of Reich's work. Submissions must include one complete copy of any original book or journal issue under consideration; if the item is an article or chapter in a larger publication, a copy of that complete publication must be provided, along with a PDF scan of the article/chapter under consideration. Submissions need not be made by the author -- any genuine article which openly and accurately discusses Reich's work can be submitted by any reader or subscriber, though the Award would go only to the author. Award amounts can be up to $1000 depending upon the accuracy and breadth of the article, and the circulation of the publication, as determined by our panel of judges. Articles can be short or long, major publications or minor op-ed items, in virtually any publication ranging from local newspapers to national magazines. Rules and Restrictions:

* Submissions will not be accepted from publications already devoted to the topic of orgonomy;
* Internet articles are not accepted, unless appearing in a major on-line news or scientific publication;
* Submissions must come from English-language publications;
* A good quality PDF and photocopy should be submitted for consideration before the end of a given year, with award decisions to be made no later than March 1st of the following year .
* One full and original copy of the publication must be submitted, along with the author's and publisher's contact information (address, telephone, email).
* Submissions can be made by anyone, and not necessarily by the author or publisher. If you see a good article discussing Reich's discoveries, send a copy of the publication along for consideration. The Award, if given, would go to the author of the work.
The goal of this latter Hochberg Award category is to stimulate a greater accuracy in public and academic representations of Wilhelm Reich's work, which continues to be badly misrepresented.

Mail all materials to:
The Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory
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E-mail to: info(at)orgonelab.org
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Educators: Please print out this announcement and distribute to your students, or post to the student bulletin board, or otherwise notify others via email distribution.

Permission is granted for this complete page to be
copied and distributed, without changes in the text.

Thank You!

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