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James DeMeo Lectures and Seminars for 2017

Four Seminars and Conference Lectures, at different Locations, are offered for 2017:

Completed Event: March. Private Seminar in Detmold, Germany. Sunday 19 March 2017. THIS EVENT WAS COMPLETED. Thanks to all who attended.

Completed Event: June. Conference on Wilhelm Reich and Contact With Space - Ea, in Athens, Greece. 17-18 June 2017. THIS EVENT WAS COMPLETED. Thanks to all who attended.

FORTHCOMING EVENT. USA, Ashland Oregon. Saturday-Sunday, 12-13 August 2017
10:00 AM to 5:30 PM (or a little longer)
Lunch from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

My 45 Years of Scientific Investigations and Experimental Confirmations of Wilhelm Reich's Sex-Economic and Orgone Biophysical Discoveries, with new findings. Presented by James DeMeo, PhD

This two-day seminar is being organized at the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory in Ashland, Oregon, USA for the second weekend in August. Dr. DeMeo will present his various experimental works investigating, verifying and providing stronger foundations for the research findings of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. DeMeo was the first mainstream university graduate student to have successfully earned a Master's and later PhD degree in the open study and investigation of Wilhelm Reich's biophysical findings. He later carried that spirit of open investigation over ten years as university professor, and later founded his own non-profit institute, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, in Ashland, Oregon, where his research continues.

The OBRL Center, Main Laboratory Building. Seminar room. Here is where the Saturday-Sunday lectures are held, as well as the meet-up for an initial short Friday social gathering, and for evening lab and Orgone Darkroom demonstrations. Images from Crater Lake are given below, from our 2015 Seminar.

This 2017 Seminar at the OBRL Facility will provide two days of lectures and demonstrations, organized around four major topical areas. Each topical area will be given a three hour period for lectures, short coffee-tea breaks, and questions-discussion at the end. Additional references and resource weblinks for follow-up will be given to all participants.

* Day 1, Morning: Saharasia - The Origins of Human Armoring, Social Violence and War
This subject area is dedicated to the Children of the Future, whose needs and lives are being so devastatingly compromised by the current generations. It is both a review of Wilhelm Reich's findings on human sexuality, and peaceful versus violent culture-types, as well as new discoveries and findings which have confirmed them. Dr. DeMeo reviewed Reich's clinical and social research findings against the standard cross-cultural evidence from anthropology and ethnography, on 1170 different world cultures. Reich's findings were thereby solidly confirmed as having powerful explanatory and predictive capacities, beyond all other theories on human behavior. Additionally, DeMeo's analysis uncovered a major global geographical pattern in human behavior, and documenting an early peaceful period in human pre-history, solving the riddle of the origins of warfare and emotional armoring.
Saharasia - the region of the Sahara Desert of North Africa, plus the Middle East and Central Asian deserts - was documented as being inhabited by the most severely armored and violent societies on the planet. DeMeo will present this evidence, along with parallel findings on massive climate change across Saharasia at c.4000-3500 BCE, when widespread regions of well-watered forests and grasslands dried up and converted into hyperarid desert. These materials, derived from both Reich and DeMeo, constitute a "marriage of heresies" long repressed in the academic world, and are both illuminating and challenging. Numerous world maps and other evidence will be presented, detailing the cross-cultural evidence and global migration patterns by which emotional armoring, violence and war developed and spread. Time-permitting, a discussion on the differences between Reich's scientifically constructed findings on sex-economy and genitality, versus the modern junk-science of Alfred Kinsey and modern "genderism", will be made.

* Day 1, Afternoon: Wilhelm Reich's discoveries on Bions, Bioelectricity, the Orgone Energy Accumulator, and Orgone Physics, and DeMeo's Experimental Confirmations of Reich.
DeMeo will present his laboratory research going back many decades, including on the bion experiments, and Reich's orgone energy and orgone accumulator experiments. This includes the response of plants, lab-animals and humans to the orgone accumulator, and the various physical anomalies measured inside it, such as: The To-T thermal anomaly, the electroscopical discharge anomaly, replication of aspects of Reich's high-vacumm experiments, with very high counts-per-minute from ordinary background radiation and the blue-glowing orgone-charged high-vacuum tube. PowerPoint graphics will show the various apparatus and results. Time-permitting, a number of demonstrations and continuous running experiments will be made on these phenomenon either during this segment, or be available for viewing later in the evening or the following day.

* Day 2, Morning: Cloudbusting Experiments in the USA, Israel and Africa, A Review; With a separate discussion on new spectrographic anomalies in orgone-charged water.
Starting in 1978, DeMeo undertook field experiments and applications of Reich 's cloudbuster device for ending of droughts in the USA, Israel, and Africa. Details of those experiments and their results will be presented, along with various photos and videos. The social reactions to the great success in bringing exceptional rains will also be detailed, with a discussion on irresponsible and dangrous trends in this subject area. A discussion on Living Water will be made, along with DeMeo's new findings showing a powerful effect upon the spectrographic and evaporative properties of water when it is charged up inside the orgone energy accumulator.

* Day 2, Afternoon: Reich's Last Works, Contact with Space. The Ether-Drift Experiments, Reich's and DeMeo's Observations of UFOs, and Reich's Concepts on Cosmic Superimposition, Gravitation and Negative-g, with Related Experiments.
This neglected and interesting subject area is also presented for the Children of the Future, when orgone-ether motors might power the world, and rocket-powered spacecraft would be replaced with reversed gravitation (faster than light?) propulsion, taking humanity to the stars. A review will be made of Reich's and DeMeo's UFO observations, including the 19th Century view of the mechanistic Cosmic Luminiferous Ether as compared to Reich's pulsatory Cosmic Orgone and Cosmic Superimposition theory. Positive results from more recent ether-drift experiments will be reviewed, as from Dayton Miller, Yuri Galaev and others. New satellite images will be presented showing the Earth's magnetosphere is probably an expression of the cosmic ether or orgone, visibly rotating West-to-East slightly faster than the Earth's rotation. Affirming findings by Piccardi and others on a material cosmic energy will be discussed. Some of this lecture will remain theoretical, of course, but much new scientific material will be presented, and it is all logically based upon Reich's empirical orgone-biophysical research. Reich's change in thinking before and after the important Oranur Experiment will be reviewed, along with current research underway.

Recommended Readings For This Seminar:
* Saharasia
* Orgone Accumulator Handbook
* Heretics Notebook.

Time Permitting, the following orgone-biophysical demonstrations will be made (some in the day, some at night):
* Atmospheric electrical fields as monitored at the OBRL.
* A visit to the OBRL Orgone Energy Darkroom, and view of different orgone accumulators.
* View of flowing horizontal orgone-motion through the OBRL "Big Binoculars", often mis-identified as "heat waves".
* Geiger-Muller reactions inside the orgone accumulator.
* Slowing of electroscopical discharge rates in the orgone accumulator; use of optical photogates for precise measurements.
* A view of blue-glowing sand bions in the microscope.
* Methods for detecting oranur-producing low-level electromagnetic fields and radio-frequencies.
* Building orgone accumulators and blankets, the best and worst materials.
* Vacor Blue-Lumination Effect in the Orgone Accumulator Darkroom
* Weather and time permitting, a visit to the OBRL Astronomical Observatory.

Seminar participants will get to experience the orgone accumulator darkroom, and weather permitting, a visit to the OBRL on-site Astronomical Observatory (about four stories up). DeMeo's lectures are accompanied by colorful PowerPoint presentations showing the actual work and places under discussion. Some video materials may be presented. Open periods for questions and discussions, after each presentation, will also be provided.

This seminar will be an excellent opportunity for students of Reich and orgonomy, young and old, to meet with one of the primary research scientists investigating this subject, with 45+ years of experimental and sociological-historical work in orgonomy. Dr. DeMeo is a former university professor with a professional background in interdisciplinary social, natural and physical science.

Seminar Location, Lunch and Other Events, with Times:

The main Seminar will be held on the weekend of 12-13 August, at a new outdoor shelter on the grounds of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, east of Ashland in the mountains. The Seminar days start promptly at 10 AM, so please plan to arrive early. If you are staying down in Ashland, allow 45 minutes to drive up the mountain to our facility.
NOTE: August 2017 Road Detour. The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is closing Route 66 from August 3rd to September 1st, to repair a dangerous road slide at the 12 mile marker. They have mapped out a detour route by which you can make the drive to OBRL. Download and print this web-page for details and map:

A coffee-tea service with some small snacks like chips and cookies, along with our excellent naturally orgone-charged Greensprings well water, is offered throughout the seminar.

Lunch runs from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. We will be offering a make-your-own sandwich lunch, given that the primary restaurants in the area are anticipated to be too crowded over Summer to service our guests in a timely manner. We will have good breads, turkey, ham, fruits and small veggies, humus, chips, cookie and a few other things. Cost will be $10 per person, per day. We also encourage people to purchase their own favorite lunch supplies in Ashland before coming to the OBRL facilities. Most of the supermarkets offer both conventional and organic grocery, with deli bars that make sandwiches and other take-out.

An informal optional social gathering will be held at the OBRL Center on the evening before the Seminar, on Friday, 11 August, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Seminar guests are also invited to a late evening visit to the OBRL Orgone Energy Darkroom, and to the Astronomical Observatory, weather permitting, from 9:00pm until around 11:00pm, on both Saturday and Sunday, after dinnertime.

An optional field trip to Crater Lake National Park to view this remarkable high-altitude lake with the bluest water in the world (see photos below), will take place on Monday, after the last day of the seminar. We do not furnish transportation or any other facilities, insurance or support for this optional event, and those who wish to go must provide their own transportation or share a ride with others. That is generally organized late in the Seminar on Sunday, with everyone rallying at OBRL for a morning departure around 9:00am. This field trip takes most of the day. It is a leisurely drive through the forested mountain back-roads, taking about two hours to get to Crater Lake. Once there, we park at the main pavilion for some hours, where everyone can view the lake, visit the Park Museum and gift shops, and have a lunch at either the casual diner or the sit-down restaurant at the Crater Lake Lodge. For those who wish, we then drive around the Lake, stopping at different vantage points for viewing and photos. Dr. DeMeo will be on this field trip to point out and discuss orgonotic phenomenon in nature. Later in the day most will drive back to OBRL, while others may drive off to other destinations as they wish. This seminar can thereby be integrated into a wonderful tourist experience in the beautiful Pacific NW, which is characterized by clean fresh air and natural old-growth forests. Trips down to the coastal areas with small fishing villages is also a favorite experience. Plan ahead.

Climate and Clothing The OBRL facility is located at 4200 foot elevation in the Siskiyou Mountains of SW Oregon. In the Summer, the days are generally warm and dry, but the nights can be chilly. For the Crater Lake field trip, the climate is 5 to 10 degrees cooler than at OBRL. Occasionally we have been greeted with a surprise burst of snow on the Crater Lake rim drive, given its higher elevation of 7000-8000 feet. So be sure to bring a sweater or coat, and hat if you are concerned about Sun exposure. We advise to wear sneaker-type shoes as one might wear on a short mountain hike, without high heels, as the OBRL facility is natural forest terrain, only partly "civilized". While dealing with serious social and scientific matters, this is a casual non-formal seminar. The local deer, chipmunks and squirrels have also firmly insisted that nobody wear suits or ties.

About Ashland... it is a smaller tourist town in the Pacific NW USA, with international airport connections through nearby Medford Oregon. Ashland has many hotels and restaurants, located in the middle of a heavily-forested region known for its clean air and water, and beautiful natural environment. The OBRL facility itself is located above 4200 foot (1350 meters) elevation in a wild mature pine-cedar forest region of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument frequented by curious deer and other wildlife.

Like Astronomy? Note the forthcoming total eclipse of the Sun that takes place on 21 August, a week after the OBRL Seminar. It will track across Northern Oregon and the entire USA thereafter. If you are going to combine your attendance at the OBRL Seminar with local tourism, be sure to be in Northern Oregon or Western Idaho at that time. A map and other Eclipse 2017 details are here:

Lodging and Travel Information:

For local lodging information, please consult the following website:
The seminar lectures will be held at the OBRL facility in the mountains east of Ashland. That may affect your decision about where to stay. We recommend as your first option, the Greensprings Inn, very close to the OBRL facility and with its own restaurant. Contact them, as well as other options given on the Lodging webpage above. You can also rent hotel rooms in nearby Ashland, but be aware it takes about 45 minutes to make the leisurely and spectacular drive up and down the mountain (winding road, do not speed!). Currently one part of the road is damaged from the heavy rains-snow of last winter, and may not be repaired by the time of the seminar. It currently has an Oregon DOT traffic control down to one-lane for a short distance, so poses no obstacle to your drive.

Registration and Payment

Price for attendance will be $190 USD, discounted by approximately 1/3rd for full-time students or low-income. Payment by PayPal, use the buttons below. It will accept most every credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account:

Full Registration, $190, Ashland Seminar

Student/Low-Income Registration, $125, Ashland Seminar

Payment also can be made in cash US Dollars at the door. We no longer have an on-site credit card processing machine. We will also have a book-table set up, for purchase of orgonomic literature.

If you are interested to attend the Ashland Seminar, please make your reservation payment above, or send an email to Dr. DeMeo to reserve a spot as soon as possible. A special email list is being developed for this event, which will be open only to registered Seminar guests. Late arrivals without prior communications risk being turned away.

Please also consider making a tax-deductible donation to support OBRL's on-going research program and seminar/lecture costs, so we may continue with our scientific and educational efforts. We try to keep the costs of our seminars affordable, and rarely do the seminar fees fully cover the expenses. Our research program also requires constant expenditures, and has produced some of the best experimental evidence investigating, verifying, and expanding upon Dr. Reich's original discoveries -- and in a solidly natural scientific manner. Please consider to make a direct donation beyond the seminar fee, or in lieu of attending. OBRL is an IRS-approved non-profit 501c3 foundation and donations are tax-deductible. Donations can be made either by written check or by credit card through our separate PayPal donation button. Select your own donation amount, or monthly recurring donation. You do not need a PayPal account, their system will accept most any credit card.

Please let others know about this event. Thanks for your help in spreading the word.

Sponsored by the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL).
PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA.
E-mail to: info(at)orgonelab(dot)org

PHOTOS, from different OBRL Weekend Seminars and James DeMeo lectures.

The OBRL Outdoor Seminar Area, under the trees.

James DeMeo, Indoor Lecture on Wilhelm Reich

DeMeo's Demonstration of various electrometers: Life-Energy Meter, Electroscope, Millivoltmeter (left to right).

DeMeo Lecture on the Reich Cloudbuster.

Evening Demonstration at OBRL: Visual and Sensory Phenomena Inside the Steel-Lined Orgone Energy Darkroom.

Evening Demonstration at OBRL: Leitz Ortholux Microscope with display monitor.

Image of quartz dust in distilled water showing oval blue bions.

The Orgone Charged Neutron Counter, it is usually chirping rapidly, highly reactive during the dry-weather period of the OBRL seminars.

The OBRL Center is nestled within the beautiful Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

Monday Field Trip to Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake Panorama.

Deep Blue Waters!

Don't Get Too Close!!

Away from the edge.

Dan Wheeler's Big Wow!

Phil Martin's Big Wow!

NOTE: All photos are copyrighted, not for public use or re-posting.


Forthcoming Event: October. 12th Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, in Sofia Bulgaria, 26-29 October 2017. Dr. DeMeo will give a lecture on his most recent spectrographic research on orgone-charged water. About 30 other scientists will also give lectures on their recent research investigating the properties of activated, structured or energized and organized EZ (exclusion-zone) water. More details are given at the conference website, but the schedule of speakers with lecture topics won't be updated for a few more months. http://www.waterconf.org

Serious students wishing to learn more on the subject of Dr. Reich's discoveries, or Dr. DeMeo's work in the field of experimental orgone biophysics, or on the subject of his Saharasia findings, are encouraged to contact Dr. DeMeo for independent study or apprenticeship possibilities.

Click here for more information on SAHARASIA             Click here for our Online Books & Products Page
    saharasia.org                           naturalenergyworks.net

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