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Weekend Seminar on


Emphasizing New Research Supporting Reich.

Held in downtown Ashland, Oregon, USA
Primary Seminar over 29-30 August 2015.
Optional Events at the nearby OBRL facility.

Instructors: James DeMeo, PhD, and Thomas DiFerdinando
Sponsored by the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL).

The main seminar will be held in a classroom setting, near to downtown Ashland Oregon within walking distance to many hotels, restaurants, and the Ashland Shakespeare Theater. The exact location and address of the Seminar will be announced shortly to registered participants (we are looking at several different possibilities), and also posted to this webpage. Maps to the Seminar room and OBRL facility will be made available as soon as possible.

An Optional Friday Afternoon Open House and Social will be held at the high-altitude OBRL facility, 20 miles east of Ashland in the Siskiyou Mountains, with guided visits to the OBRL Orgone Energy Darkroom on Friday and Saturday night. On Monday, there will be an optional day-long field trip through the beautiful Oregon forests, to nearby Crater Lake National Park.

* Friday Afternoon, 28 August, 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM: Open House and Social gathering at OBRL. Come and meet other seminar participants, and the speakers at the OBRL high-altitude facility. View of the OBRL facility, Orgone Darkroom, Orgone Energy Accumulators, etc. Booktable offerings. Coffee, Tea, and munchies.

* Saturday, 29 August, 9:00 AM (sharp!) to 5:00 PM: Ashland Seminar Room

Theme for Day 1:
Wilhelm Reich's Sex-Economic Findings, Rational Help for a Troubled World:

- Reich's Genitality and Function of the Orgasm versus modern Kinsey-esque "Genderism" and modern poly-sex "anything goes"
- Natural self-regulated morality versus the destructive and violence-prone cults of compulsive abstinence and compulsive promiscuity
- Reich's Bioelectric Experiments. Biological pulsation.
- Millivoltmeter and Orgone Field Meter demonstration of human energy field.

- 12:30-2:00 PM: Lunch, either by catering or at nearby resturant, to be determined.

- Reich's Discovery of the Bions, Cancer Biopathy. Demonstration of simple bions in the light microscope. Experimental Orgone Therapy of Degenerative Diseases, Cancer Mice studies.
- DeMeo's Saharasia discovery. Reich's Sex-Economic Theory confirmed in global cross-cultural data, to solve the Origins of Armoring/Origins of Violence question.
- Modern social violence, Islamic terrorism, and aggressive war-making as organized social sadism, outcomes of severe childhood trauma and adult sexual disturbances.

* Saturday Night at OBRL Facility: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Possible short film on Reich, View of Orgonotic Phenomenon in Orgone Energy Darkroom. Booktable offerings.

* Sunday: 30 August, 9:00 AM (sharp!) to 5:00 PM: Ashland Seminar Room.

Theme for Day 2:
Orgone Biophysics, the Orgone Accumulator, Atmospheric Orgonomy:

- Reich's Discovery of Orgone Radiation from SAPA Bions. Continued microscope demonstration.
- Reich's Invention of the Orgone Energy Accumulator. Demonstration of basic construction.
- Orgone Physics: Anomalies in Thermal, Electroscopical, Geiger-Counter.
- Orgone Energy and the Cosmic Ether of Space

- 12:30-2:00 PM: Lunch, either by catering or at nearby resturant, to be determined.

- Atmospheric Orgone Energy: The Atmospheric Pulsation
- The new water research: Humidity and Spectroscopical reactions to Orgone-Accumulator Charging; VACOR (Orgone-Charged Vacuum)
- Deserts, Drought and DOR; Reich's cloudbusting methods.
- Corrections to myriad Internet distortions of Reich

* Sunday Night at OBRL Facility: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Possible short film on Reich, View of Orgonotic Phenomenon in Orgone Energy Darkroom. Booktable offerings.

* Monday: 31 August, 9:00 AM (sharp!) at the OBRL Facility.

Optional Guided Field Trip to Nearby Crater Lake National Park,
with informal discussions by James DeMeo and Thomas DiFerdinando.

Crater Lake is the deepest fresh-water lake in the USA, and the ninth deepest in the world. Weather permitting, on sunny days this lake exhibits exceptionally blue fluorescing water, often deeper blue than the overhead blue sky, as a real-world demonstration of Reich's orgonotic lumination, which was proven in laboratory experiments in spectroscopy by James DeMeo, a topic covered in the seminar.

This field trip is not an official part of the seminar, and you must provide your own transportation, gas, lunch, car insurance, etc., or hitch a ride with others who are going, making sure you have a ride to and from Crater Lake.

We rally at OBRL at 9:00 AM, and then head out to the Park. The ride takes about 2 hours, using back roads going through beautiful forested Oregon countryside. A stop is made at a few beautiful roadside spots, at a small rural 1950s grocery on the way. Once in Crater Lake Park, there are opportunities for hiking and many beautiful vistas. Snack bar refreshments or a sit-down dinner are available from several public facilities and restaurants within the Park, along with a gift-shop, museum, and the historical Crater Lake Lodge. Later in the day it is usual to drive around the lake stopping at different overlooks and scenic sites, arriving back at the southern entrance and stopping briefly before heading back to OBRL. Seminar participants are basically free to follow their own desires, however, as this is not an "official" part of the seminar.

Cost for the Seminar: $190, or half-price for students with confirmed ID card.

Lunch is not included, we may organize box lunches at extra cost, or you can brown-bag your own. We will have more information on that shortly. A coffee-tea service is included.

Parking is available during the weekend seminar in nearby parking lots for a charge of around $5 per day. Some on-street parking is possible in residential areas nearby, with a longer walk. Many hotels are close enough for walking, and if you book a room at those, you can leave your car parked there. We suggest to wait for hotel booking until the exact location of the seminar room is determined. But our short-list of places are all within a 5 to 20 minute walk, close to downtown Ashland.


If you are interested to attend, please go to our Summer Seminar Registration Page and follow the instructions for Registration and Payment by Visa, Mastercard, Check or Money Order.

A printable registration form for postal mailing is also available:

At-the-door registrations by Cash US Dollars is possible, but change cannot be given so please have the correct amount and also be prepared to identify yourself with ID. Seating is limited and late registrations risk to be turned away.

Also please send a separate email to let us know you have or will be registering, and to get on our mailing list for the seminar information "demeo (at) orgonelab.org". Provide your full name, address and telephone. Participation will be limited to 50, so register early.

Video filming or audiotaping is not allowed.

Other Details:

- Getting to Ashland (See the appropriate section at this webpage):

- Hotels and Motels in Ashland, Oregon

- Lodging and Restaurants in the Mountain Forests, close to OBRL (45 minute drive to or from Ashland)

Greensprings Inn - - http://www.greenspringsinn.com/
Pinehurst Inn - - http://www.thepinehurstinn.com/

- Restaurants in Ashland, Oregon

- Weather in Ashland, Oregon

- The Ashland Shakespeare Festival, Theater Tickets

- Crater Lake National Park

- The Ashland Oregon Chamber of Commerce

- Google Maps (enter Ashland, Oregon)

This is the first OBRL Seminar in many years. Refresh yourself in the real world of the beautiful natural environment of Southern Oregon Greensprings region, with tall trees, fresh air and delicious spring water. Unplug from computer screens and email immobility for human contact with others interested in the Authentic Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy, the Real Deal!

A possible opening exists for one student assistant for this summer event at OBRL. Assistants selected will get a waiver of fees, with lodging in the Student Cabin provided. You must cover all your other expenses (food, transport) and arrive four days ahead of time to help prepare the Lab and grounds for the event. You also must be available for the full seminar period and a clean-up period afterwards, August 25th through September 1st. Student assistants also help with preparations of experimental demonstrations and so tend to get some added "hands on" experience over the usual seminar participant.

Note: This is a private seminar event, and we reserve the right to refuse attendance by known trouble-makers or disinformation specialists.

Here is a Seminar Recommended Reading List (However, no exams will be given!):
Titles available from most bookstores, or from Click Here.

- by Wilhelm Reich:
     Selected Writings
     Function of the Orgasm
     The Cancer Biopathy
     Ether, God and Devil
     Cosmic Superimposition

- by James DeMeo:
     The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, 3rd Revised Edition

- YouTubes:
     Man's Right to Know

     Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy


July 13-16 (Monday through Thursday):

Factual Narratives & Learning Tools for Newer Audiences
Sponsored by the Wilhelm Reich Museum, Summer Conference at Orgonon.
Held on the grounds of the Museum, which was Reich's home and laboratory,
Event includes a private tour of the Reich Museum
Orgonon, Rangely, Maine, USA


Kevin Hinchey
Mary Higgins
James E. Strick, PhD
C. Grier Sellers, PhD

A pdf Announcement with details on this conference can be downloaded from here:

30 July to 2 August, 2015:
International Conference on Wilhelm Reich near Bologna, Italy
Sponsored by the Italian Association for Orgonomy
Various lectures will be given over the four days by approximately 7 different professional speakers, with Italian and English language translations provided.


Dorothy Burlage, PhD
James DeMeo, PhD
Conny Huthsteiner, MD
Jorgos Kavouras, MD
Roberto Maglione, MSc
Thanassis Mandafounis, MSc
Richard Schwartzman, MD
James Strick, PhD
Armando Vecchetti, MBiolSci

James DeMeo will give several lectures on his experimental work verifying Reich's findings on the orgone energy question. His cross-cultural research on Saharasia will also be presented.
See the above Conference weblink for lecture schedules and other necessary information. Also contact:
Francesco Zito, zetafrancis@yahoo.it

Dr. DeMeo may also give an invited presentation on his research to the forthcoming 10th Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, held in Varna, Bulgaria. Registration information:
Details will be posted up as soon as possible.

Serious students wishing to learn more on the subject of Dr. Reich's discoveries, or Dr. DeMeo's work in the field of experimental orgone biophysics, or on the subject of his Saharasia findings, are encouraged to contact Dr. DeMeo for independent study or apprenticeship possibilities.

Click here for more information on SAHARASIA             Click here for our Online Books & Products Page
    saharasia.org                           naturalenergyworks.net

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