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This Page Last Update: 16 August 2016.

OBRL Seminars Planned for Summer 2017

We plan to hold another one or two seminars on the subject of Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy during summer 2017. Popular themes from years ago were:
1. "The Bioenergetic, Orgonomic Basis of Life and Weather",
2. "The Orgone Accumulator, Scientific Background and Construction", and
3. "New Research Findings in Social and Scientific Orgonomy: Saharasia and Replications of Orgone Accumulator Experiments".

These three themes are the top candidates for Summer 2017, but the exact subjects and dates are not yet selected, sometime in July or August. Contact us if you are interested, and we will add your name to a special email list for these events.

E-mail to: info(at)orgonelab.org

PHOTOS, from the 2015 Weekend Seminar on



Emphasizing New Research Supporting Reich.

Held in a classroom at Southern Oregon University
(Exact location to be announced later)
near to downtown Ashland, Oregon, USA.
Primary Seminar over 29-30 August 2015.
Optional Events at the nearby OBRL facility.

Instructors: James DeMeo, PhD, and Thomas DiFerdinando

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Sponsored by the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL).

Thanks to all those who attended the recent OBRL seminar in Ashland.
Here are some photographs from the Seminar you may enjoy.

The OBRL Center, meet-up for social gathering and evening lab and Orgone Darkroom demonstrations.

Southern Oregon University, main entrance.

Stevenson Union, SOU, for the Weekend Lectures.

Day One - Saturday Lectures at SOU, Saturday Evening at OBRL

Tom DiFerdinando's Lecture "Connecting the (Blue) Dots"

James DeMeo's Lecture on Wilhelm Reich

James DeMeo's Lecture on Saharasia

Tom DiFerdinando's Lecture "Follow the Blue, Part 2"

DeMeo's Demonstration of various electrometers: Life-Energy Meter, Electroscope, Millivoltmeter (left to right).

Evening Demonstration at OBRL: Visual and Sensory Phenomena Inside the Steel-Lined Orgone Energy Darkroom.

Day Two - Sunday Lectures at SOU, Sunday Evening at OBRL

Tom DiFerdinando's Lecture "Follow the Blue, Part 3"

James DeMeo Continues Discussion on Wilhelm Reich

James DeMeo's Day-2 Lecture on Cloudbusting.

Evening Demonstration at OBRL: Leitz Ortholux Microscope with display monitor.

Image of quartz dust in distilled water showing oval blue bions.

Leitz Microscope, close-up.

Monday Field Trip to Crater Lake National Park

Deep Blue Waters!

Don't Get Too Close!!

Away from the edge.

Dan Wheeler's Big Wow!

Phil Martin's Big Wow!

NOTE: All photos are copyrighted, not for public use or re-posting.


1-4 October, 2015 in Varna, Bulgaria
10th Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, held in Varna, Bulgaria.

Dr. DeMeo will give an invited presentation on his research.

Serious students wishing to learn more on the subject of Dr. Reich's discoveries, or Dr. DeMeo's work in the field of experimental orgone biophysics, or on the subject of his Saharasia findings, are encouraged to contact Dr. DeMeo for independent study or apprenticeship possibilities.

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