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Welcome to our Events-Announcement Page

Preliminary Announcements for Events in 2021

1. COMPLETED EVENT- Dr. DeMeo was an invited guest speaker at the Energy Space Technology Conference (ESTC) in Idaho, 7-11 July 2021. The topic was "The Power of the Vacuum and the Wilhelm Reich Orgone Motor." His lecture is now available as a downloadable video, from this webpage:
A Preview video is available as well.

2. Dr. DeMeo is an invited speaker at a forthcoming Transition Talk hosted by the Arlington Institute in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, on 25-26 September 2021. His 3+ hour seminar will be on "Towards a More Hopeful Future: Wilhelm Reich's Life-Energy and Cosmic-Energy Discoveries. Scientific Confirmations." A webpage with addition information is given here:
https://arlingtoninstitute.org/event/dr-james-demeo-a-more-hopeful-future And from here you can view a video interview with Dr. DeMeo, as a preview of what will be covered in the seminar.

3. VIRTUAL EVENT: Dr. DeMeo is invited to speak on his life-energy and water-structuring research at the forthcoming True Healing Conference on 9-10 October 2021. His virtual lecture title is "Cosmic Life-Energy, Water and Health - Verifications of Reich's Breakthrough Discovery". He will also give a one-hour virtual seminar on construction of an orgone energy blanket and the larger orgone accumulator. It is advised that the reader obtain and read his Orgone Accumulator Handbook in advance of the workshop.
The Conference website is:
Due to continuing covid mask/lockdown/vaccine fascism this will be a "Virtual Event" hosted on Zoom or a similar platform, so you can view the proceedings from your home or office, anywhere on the planet where good internet connections are possible.

4. EVENT CANCELLED: The Conference on the Physics Chemistry and Biology of Water, in October at Bad-Soden Germany, is cancelled due to Covid Fascism.
Event will take place in 2022, Stay Tuned!

5. DeMeo is also invited to speak at the forthcoming Wise Traditions Conference, sponsored by the Weston A. Price Foundation, to be held on Nov. 5-7, 2021 in Dallas, Texas. His lecture will be on "Cosmic Ether in Space and Cosmic Life-Energy on Earth", covering the subjects of his personal research going back to the 1970s. This also will be a mask-optional event, in the Free State of Texas.
A list of speakers is given here:
We advise to wait on purchase of non-refundable airline or train tickets closer to the date, in case this event also is converted into Virtual, or cancelled.

More information will be added as it becomes available.

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In the meantime, you are encouraged to read Dr. DeMeo's published books, which are available from here:

Thank you.

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