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Abbreviated Work-History of James DeMeo, Ph.D. & OBRL
(See the above-noted Annotated Citation Listing for precise details - this general listing is under development.)

* 1970-1978: Early research by James DeMeo on the orgone accumulator, in-depth study of Wilhelm Reich's works in totality. Various publications in Journal of Orgonomy and elsewhere.

* 1978-88: Formation of the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL). Support provided for field research and small laboratory experiments and equipment while DeMeo is a graduate student at University of Kansas, and later as professor at Illinois State University and University of Miami. Completion of major study on the Reich cloudbuster, and discovery of Saharasia as the location for first-origins of human armoring.

* 1989: First publication of Pulse of the Planet journal. Organization of major "OROP Arizona" field experiments. Publication of The Orgone Accumulator Handbook.

* 1988-94: Organizational support for various seminar offerings in various USA cities (see above section on seminars). Publication of #2, #3 and #4 issues of Pulse of the Planet with additional lab work. Drought-abatement field work with the Reich cloudbuster in the USA, Germany, Greece, Namibia, Israel. Start of 5-year Desert-Greening field project in Eritrea, Africa. Publication of Greek and German editions of Orgone Accumulator Handbook and also Nach Reich: Neue Forschungen Zur Orgonomie. Educational Seminars offered at Ft. Mason Center, San Francisco.

* 1995: Establishment of the OBRL Greensprings Center in rural Ashland, Oregon. Continued drought-related field work in Africa and USA. Publication of Spanish and Portuguese editions of Orgone Accumulator Handbook.

* 1996: Construction of new Laboratory/Seminar building at Greensprings; first summer Greensprings Seminars hosted. Organization of the Global Weather Research Station for support of African drought/desert research, and microscopical lab for bion experiments and other in-depth research. Continued field work in Africa, new laboratory work at the Greensprings Center. Start of the Greensprings Seminars, offered yearly with invited speakers from around the world.

Desert-greening field work in Namibia, Africa (Photo Copyright 1996)
Similar projects were undertaken by DeMeo in Israel, Greece and Eritrea during the 1990s.

* 1998: Construction of Orgone Accumulator Darkroom at Greensprings. Publication of Saharasia. Continued field work in Africa, new laboratory work at the Greensprings Center.

The Orgone Energy Darkroom at Greensprings, with accumulators inside.

Results from one experiment on orgone-charging of sprouting seeds.
A highly-controlled experimental protocol, with carefully monitored and
equallized temperature controls, was run over 3 years at OBRL, yielding
systematically-reproducible and highly significant effects, with an
average of 34% increase in growth lengths (with p<.0001), plus
1.6% increases in germination and 8.6% increases in overall weight.

Orgone-Charged 'VACOR' high-vacuum tube, 0.5 micron pressure, charged inside the
Orgone Energy Darkroom for many months, now yielding an anomalous
blue-glow, excited only by hand-stroking and without electrical
excitation, in violation of orthodox ionization theory.(Copyright 1998)
The methodology for this photograph was developed by DeMeo in 1997, expanding
upon Reich's original vacor-tube illumination methods of the 1950s, and is
discussed in "Pulse of the Planet #5 Heretic's Notebook" 2002, p.254-255.

Origins of Armoring in Saharasia, c.4000 BCE. (Copyright 1996)
From DeMeo's book on the subject. DeMeo's Saharasia discovery was the
result of the first-ever global geographical mapping of data on human behavior,
from ethnographical sources as found in university libraries the world over.

* 2002: Construction of Astronomical Observatory on roof of the Greensprings Center Lab. Continuation of in-depth laboratory research on a variety of orgone-energy phenomenon. Publication of Pulse of the Planet #5: Heretic's Notebook

* 2003: Construction of forest fire-fighting station with water tank, pump and hose. Continued research on orgone energy phenomenon. Publication of French and Polish editions of Orgone Accumulator Handbook.

* 2004: Continued in-depth research on Reich's orgone accumulator thermal anomaly experiment, with significant results. Further investigation of the Burr "electrodynamic field" theory and its relationship to Reich's orgone energy continuum.

Building Upon the Discoveries
of the Internationally Acclaimed Natural Scientist, Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

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