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An Educational Power Point
Presentation for Your University, Group or Institute
is Now Available

Dr. James DeMeo, Director of the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, is available to make a PowerPoint presentation on his findings to your group. The presentation can cover any one of several areas of his research expertise, such as:

* Positive Results on Cosmological Ether-Drift Experiments: A Fresh Look

* The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Applications for Healing and Agriculture

* Peaceful Societies and the Origins of Human Violence and War: The Saharasia Discovery

* Field applications of the Reich CORE cloudbusting method for drought-abatement and desert-greening

* New Findings on Orgone-Charged Water, Water Structure

* Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries: A General Overview and Modern Replications

Full Weekend Seminars are also possible.

Similar presentations have been made by Dr. DeMeo to Conferences or meetings hosted by professionals within the following institutes and organizations (USA unless otherwise noted):

* American Association for the Advancement of Science
* American College of Orgonomy
* Association for Arid Lands Studies
* Association of American Geographers
* Association of Pacific Coast Geographers
* Aristotlian University of Thessaloniki, Greece
* Center for Functional Research
* Colorado River Board
* Committee for Sustainable Agriculture
* Conferences on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, Vermont & Bulgaria
* Congreso Interamericano De Piscoterapias Corporales, Uruguay
* Congress on Geo-Cosmic Relations, Netherlands
* Energy, Science and Technology Conference
* Fachhochschule fuer Wirtschaft, Germany
* First World Congress on Matriarchal Studies, Luxemburg
* HAGIA Akademie, Germany
* Hellenic Orgonomic Association, Athens & Thessaloniki
* Higher Technical Institute, Cyprus
* Humbold Universitaet, Germany
* llinois State University
* Institut fuer Oekologische Zukunftsperspektiven, Germany
* International Psychohistorical Association
* International Society for Biometeorology
* International Symposia on Circumcision
* International Symposia on Pleomorphism
* International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine
* Mid-Atlantic Biodynamic Food and Farming Conference
* Ministry of Agriculture, State of Eritrea
* Namibian Scientific Society, Windhoek
* Natural Philosophy Alliance
* Nevada Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Assn
* Schauberger Pythagoras-Kepler Schule, Austria
* Society for Scientific Exploration
* Soils Science Society of America
* Technical University of Munich, Germany
* Tokyo Medical College, Holistic Medical Society
* University of Kansas
* University of Miami
* University of Northern Iowa
* Wilhelm Reich Museum

The presentation is created in PowerPoint and will need a LCD Computer Projector or "Beamer" for it to be shown to your group. The run time is around 1 hour (this can be modified if needed). Charges for expenses plus fee may be necessary, depending upon the group and the nature of the invitation.

Professor James DeMeo's publications list:

Primary Publications at the Website:

and at ResearchGate:

Additional Articles and Materials:

* Research Summary on Prof. DeMeo's Saharasia Discovery: --

* Research Summary on Prof. DeMeo's CORE-Cloudbusting Research on Desert-Greening and Drought Abatement:

* James DeMeo's books including The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, Saharasia, Heretic's Notebook, and On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy are available from the OBRL on-line bookstore.

* The Complete OBRL / Natural Energy Works On-line Bookstore and Product Shop

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