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How to Pay by PayPal

How to Pay by PayPal - Natural Energy Works


To pay for your order using PayPal:

* Firstly, you must have a Verified PayPal account, with a Confirmed Address on record with PayPal. If this is not the case, you cannot use PayPal for this purchase, and must pay by other methods. Or, you can go to PayPal and follow their instructions for account verification and address confirmation, and we will hold your order until this is accomplished.

* Secondly, you must complete our ordinary Shopping Cart procedures. If you have not already done so, use your browser "back" button and complete the customer data form, providing all your name, email, address, telephone and billing information as usual, but do not enter any credit card details. Then complete your Shopping Cart purchase by clicking the "Submit Order" button.

* If you are a USA customer, the final amount due with shipping charges will appear during your completion of the shopping cart processing, along with a PayPal button. You can click on that button and it will bring up a new check-out page for PayPal. You merely enter the amount due select fill in the questions requested by PayPal, and you are done!

* If you are an International Customer, or have requested a special expedited shipping quotation, please wait for that information before trying to make a payment to us through PayPal. Once you have that information, follow the steps below for making payment to us directly from the PayPal website (www.paypal.com).

You can also make a PayPal payment for your order by going directly to the PayPal website (www.paypal.com), logging into your PayPal account and using the "Send Money" link at the top of the PayPal page. When prompted, use the following email address to send the amount due:

- - - - info (at) orgonelab.org ----
(SPAM reduction: be sure to enter the "@" symbol)

* On PayPal: Follow their account login instructions. Click the "Send Money" link and follow the instructions, providing the above email address when prompted. Be sure to select US Dollars.

* On PayPal: Review the details of the transaction, and make sure your PayPal Confirmed Address is selected. We cannot ship internationally except to your confirmed address on record with PayPal. In the subject line, enter "Payment for Items", and a message with your full name and any additional details you did not already provide with the Shopping Cart order. If you use a different email address for the shopping cart than for PayPal, please give that information.

When ready, click the "Send Money" button, and you are finished!

Thanks again for your order!

Natural Energy Works
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info (at) orgonelab.org

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If you have any questions,
or problems using our shopping cart program,
please contact us by email at:

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